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a coworker who is a witch turns you into a disposable product that your company makes!
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Chapter 4

Is going to bed, youre an overnight pad

    by: Lillyhammer   More by this author
The woman walks into her bedroom with you between her legs, between her panties and her most intimate parts. Eventually she crawls into bed and all is quite as she pulls the covers over herself - and you. What little light shone through the pantries has now vanished as you find yourself once again in darkness.

Eventually she falls into a deep sleep and unknown to you, she is on the heaviest part of her period. It didn’t take long but eventually she begins to leak menstrual fluid out of her Vagina and into you - the pad. Sense you couldn’t see you could only sense it. First there was the Wetness which you eagerly absorbed which was quickly followed by the taste and finally the smell. It was awful. You had tasted blood before but not like this, no, this was much different. If you could, you would throw up out of disgust - but alas, you cannot. For you are just a maxi pad now. As if to add insult to injury she farts a couple of times in her sleep and rolls about ocassiknally, twisting and squishing the lad in the process. But you do your job - not a single drop is leaked out of the pad throughout the night as you gently swell to contain it.

Hours go by for you in this personal hell and yet it’s not over yet. Soon, morning comes and the woman awakes. She sits up in bed before throwing the covers off before making her way to the bathroom - the pad in her lantiee nearly filled to capacity. She carefully makes her way to the toilet and pulls her panties down before sitting on the toilet. You can see again as she goes about her businesss of cleaning herself up with some wet wipes before discarding said wipes onto you! Your vision is now slightly obscured as she goes about removing the pad from her panties - folding it up with the wipes in side and for extra measure wraps the pad in some toilet paper from dropping it into the waste basket next to the toilet. You land with a loud thud as she continues the process of getting a new pad and goes about her morning getting ready for work.

All is quiet for the next 10 hours until she is home once again. Another used pad joins you in the waste basket as we she does her other bathroom business. Here you would spend the rest of the week - other lads and tissues joining you in the waste basket until trash day where you are unceremoniously dumped with other household trash before being placed curb side. At this point you pray for death as the garbage truck approaches. You’re soon thrown into it’s awaiting maw and can feel the compaction process begin as you and all the trash are squeezed to incredible pressure by the mechanical beast. The fluids within the pads are gushing out now and just when you feel you can’t possible take anymore of this there is a bright flash....
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