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Chapter 24

The Notorious Sharper.

    by: NinjaHound13   More by this author
"Well anyway, it seems like your mission is complete. Please take this sum of ryo as a token of appreciation...And don't be a stranger...Hidden Sheath Shinobi are always welcome here in the Hidden Leaf." Shizune finished, offering a moderate sack of ryo as a sort of tip.

"Uh, Kafu! Tell me all about how your life has been since we last saw each other." Tsunade asked in a strange manner.

"Huh? Oh! Well-"

"Nice try Lady Tsunade, but you have too much work you already put off..." Shizune said as she began to roll up the Summons Scroll. "Sorry Kafu, but we'll all have to catch up later..." She said as she finished rolling it up.

"Can I at least have breakfast?" Tsunade asked.

"Not until you finish a stack of paperwork..." Shizune said, taking the food from Sakura and stowing it away. "Come back in a few hours if you want to talk with her, Sakura...Right now she needs no distractions..."

"Okay, I guess I'll head back to the hospital and volunteer some more..." Sakura said as she head out.

"Hey, wait up!" You said as you ran to catch up to Sakura. "Can I ask you a question...Sakura, was it?"

"Uhm, yeah? What can I help you with?" She said.

"I'm going out on a limb and say that you're Sannin Tsunade's current prodigy...Given that she's a habitual, unsuccessful gambler, I'm sure you'd know where someone else would like to try there hand..." You explained.

"I do, but there not going to let Genin in..." Sakura said.

"Hey, hey! I'm not a Genin, I'm a Chunin. We became Chunin before your village's Chunin Exams disaster...Besides, I'm a damn good gambler. Never lost a game I played..." You explained.

"Oh really?...Fine...Let's make a deal..." She said as she pulled out her purse. "Because my team has been divided, I can't really go on any missions...Spent all that time honing my Medical Ninjutsu...And strength...So if you are as good as you say you are...Take my mission earnings and try and make a profit..." Sakura said as she hands him 75,000 ryo. "And if you even think about skipping town with my money..."


"Ow!" You said in pain as she plucked a hair from your head.

"I'll find you...And use you as a training dummy..." She says as she squeezes your hand with immense strength. "Got it!?"

"Yes..." You said through gritted teeth.

"Good. Now let me get a pen and paper so I can give you the address..."

"No need...Just right it on my arm, using your finger like a pen." You said as you pulled up your right sleeve and presented your forearm to Sakura.

Sakura began to give you the address, at first confused as to why you wanted her to touch her arm, and then saw that her finger was leaving behind a mark. Figuring that it was some kind of Jutsu, she continued on writing out the entire address. Now that you had the address, you changed your skin back to normal now that you had it written.

"Sweet! Sonny's got some gambling to do!" You said in glee.

"Am I ever gonna get any profit from doing this?" Sakura asked Kumiko.

"Actually, Sonsho's a pretty good gambler...I've never seen him lose a game that he knows how to play...At least when money is involved..." Kumiko said, reactivating her shroud and mask.

"Hey, Sonny! As long as you're going out to gamble, mind turning this over for a profit?" Kenji said as he handed over a million ryo.

"Yeah man...What about you, Kumiko?" You asked her.

"I trust you enough to turn profit...Here..." Kumiko said as she too hands over another million ryo.

"Not to worry you three, by the time I'm done we'll all be a little richer..." You said as you went to exit the building.

After grabbing a map from a local convenience store(and breakfast), you managed to get to the gambling den Sakura gave you the address to.

"Can I help you?" A Hidden Leaf Chunin asked.

"Yeah...This the place a guy can test there luck and earn some money?" You asked.

"Sorry kid, Chunin and higher only...Or, you can come back when your 20..." The Chunin explained.

"Hey! I didn't pass the Chunin Exams just to get called a Genin by every ninja over 20. I'm a Chunin! Here's your proof." You showed him your I.D.

"Well then...My mistake...Alright, you can go on in..." He said as he opened the door.

Entering the room you see a large rectangular table with several Hidden Leaf Older Genin, Chunin and Jonin seated around it. Piles of ryo were in front of them ranging from a few small stacks, to large piles as big as dinner plates and as high as two decimeters. You grabbed a seat on the tatami and put your bets on the table space in front of you[Sakura's 75k and a million from each of your teammates, yourself included].

"So! What's the game? Hanafuda? Oicho-Kabu? Sugoroku?!" You asked.

"Too early for any of that, kid...Around this time, we keep it simple with Chō-han...Max bets are 25 million...You up for it?" A Jonin asked.

"I'm all in..." You said as you pushed your bet forward.

A few hours later...

"Han!" The dealer said after he lifted the bamboo cup, revealing the dice sum to be seven, and odd number.

"Yes!" You said. With that win, you turned your bet five fold[5x]. "Thanks for the game everyone! Now I'm gonna go and get lunch..."
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