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  1. Ash also yanked down her panties
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Chapter 10

Ash also yanked down her panties

    by: Drake Ride   More by this author
Misty was evilly laughing until she realized ash yank her panties down
oops she said she then pick ash up and pull her panties back up and look at ash and said you like my pussy ash then i put you inside my panties she open her weist and drop ash inside the front of her panties then close her panties trapping ash inside misty lay on her bed

Ash then laying on misty warm soft cozy pussy he cant see anything so dark. Inside her panties well ash i hope you it because im not going unshrink you im keeping you like this forever your going be my slave ash for the rest of your life enjoy your home in my pantie because you going live in there forever hahahaha misty evilly laughing well time to go to sleep ash we got a big day tomorrow ash is horrified and terrified of misty after she decide to keep him as her slave for rest of his life he. Then ash lay on her vagina and feel asleep misty then sleeping on her bed
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