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Chapter 14

Ben's smelly feet

    by: Riproar44   More by this author
Gwen woke up in the Rustbucket,her vision blurry. She could feel powerful quakes as she got her bearings. "There you are!",her cousin Ben exclaimed. "Ben,what happened to me?",Gwen asked realizing she was the size of a bug to her titanic cousin. "Oh,you know that book of spells that you read so much?",Ben said with a sly smile spreading across his colossal face. "Of course I know about it,it's my book doofus!",Gwen yelled at her insufferable cousin."Well,I used it to shrink you,and now it's payback time!" Ben's mischievous smile turned into one of pure evil. Gwen gasped in pure terror watching her cousin remove his dirty,old sneakers. The horrible miasma of Ben's feet wafted up to torment her sensitive nostrils. Gwen's face turned a sickly green as her eyes watered. She looked liked she either wanted to vomit or pass out from the stench of strong corn chips mixed with rotten cheese. "Ben,don't you dare make me smell your lucky gym socks that you haven't changed in two months!",Gwen warned.Ben set his minuscule cousin down on the floor of the RV and let his socked foot dangle over her before pinning her beneath it. "Smell my feet.",Ben taunted with evil glee as Gwen screamed from the toxic stench and begged for mercy. Ben rubbed his massive socked foot against her tiny form as his cousin sobbed beneath his foot. Ben stood up and stomped his cousin so she could really smell the corn chips and cheese. He felt Gwen stop moving and figured she must have passed out from his overwhelming foot odor. Ben picked up one of his old shoes and inhaled deeply. "The stench of de-feet for you but the sweet smell of victory for me.",Ben declared proud of his horrid foot odor and new toy.
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