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Chapter 170

Having a seat

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The crazed but sincere look of the jester holding him remained firm even as he continued to bounce up and down in the confines of Harley's breasts. All around him, he could feel her, smell her, and taste her. Harley's complete lack of inhibitions, beyond any of the other girls, seemed to be driving him wild in a way that was new to him, and he was incapable of resisting.

"Well, you seem to be enjoying the front quite a bit, huh?" she asked, causing Robin to instinctively nod his head. The smile on her face widened as she rubbed her cheek against his body, ensuring that he was incapable of moving.

"Good! And since ya loved the front so much, it's time to see what the back is like!"

Gently plucking him from her place between her breasts, Harley held him aloft as she turned her behind to him, smacking it with her free hand. Robin found himself both worried but also desiring to run right into it. His jitteriness was quickly noticed by the enormous woman, and she found it quite welcome.

"Eager, huh? Well don't you worry a bit Bird Boy, I'm gonna give you all the ass you can possibly want!"

That wasn't an idle promise. Immediately after she said that Harley placed Robin against her perfectly shaped bottom and smushed him into it. It was difficult for him to see anything that wasn't her ample flesh, and he could feel it all around her. She could feel his hands move to and fro, exploring everything in front of him as he groped her. That was good, as far as she was concerned. It meant that her plan was working.

"So Bird Boy, I hear that being tiny's made you a lot tougher, right?" Robin was set to reply before he realized where the train of thought was taking him.

Harley didn't give him any time to think it over. Gently, she placed him on a nearby seat, before dropping her naked behind on her with a less than gentle amount of force. Robin could only offer a brief shout of surprise before the weight fell on top of him, smothering the boy.

"Betcha like that, huh?" Harley taunted. "Lucky for you, I'm making sure you're getting as much Harley as you can handle!" With that, she began rubbing her behind into his tiny form, occasionally lifting her butt up to make sure he could breathe comfortably, before dropping her weight on top of the excited boy.

"Mmmm, that's it. Use those hands little guy!"

Robin didn't need to be told twice, as his hands and body moved through her behind as best he could. She smiled at this, happy that her attempts at completely enveloping the boy in her body were starting to pay off.
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