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Chapter 41

Ran Mouri

    by: blindbat1992   More by this author
Ran Mouri, his childhood friend and crush, went into the Professor's house, looking for...something. It didn't matter what, it was Conan's chance to get her attention and get one step closer to figuring out what was going on.

"Hey! Ran! Down here!"

His voice sounded squeaky, but it was just enough to get Ran's attention.

"Hmm?" she asked. She looked over at the counter, seeing nothing there. In fact, she almost stepped on him.

"No! Wait!"

Ran looked down underneath her shoe and saw a tiny little bug jumping up and down trying to get her attention. That tiny little bug ended up being Conan. But he was...well, tiny.

"C-Conan?" Ran asked in shock, "What are you....how did you..."

"I don't know, Ran!" Conan exclaimed, "But I need help getting around so I can figure it out."

Then, Ran started to smile. Conan knew that would mean only one if two things...
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