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A young slave encounters another prisoner in the castle that isn't human!
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Chapter 2

The Dragon

    by: Bruce Lee Gifford Jr.   More by this author
"What else could the giant and powerful creature be?" Lord William asked, "It's a dragon of course. There's nothing more powerful or fearsome as a dragon. Once it is full grown and knows who its matters is, it will help me take over more countries and I will rule more." Lord William had a sadistic smile and an evil gleam in his eyes.

Lord William was an evil and powerful man who ruled his subjects wrongly. With a dragon under his control, Lord William would be able to use the dragon for wicked deeds and keeping his slaves and subjects under control, and... "Wait, did he say till the dragon grows up?" Felix suddenly questioned, "The dragon isn't grown up yet?"

"Master, did you say that the dragon isn't grown up yet?" Felix questioned.

Lord William snapped out of his daze since he was dreaming of the future on the back of a dragon taking over more land. "General Ethan says that the dragon is only a baby, but I find that hard to believe when it is already almost as big as the cage its in," Lord William told Felix.

Suddenly, Felix could hear the screeches of the dragon in the cell. It sounded like it came from an infant, but the sound was deeper due to the sear size of the creature. Felix became very frightened as he heard the sounds of the dragon and the sounds of the soldiers yelling at it.

"It should be happy we found it and decided to take it in," Lord William commented, "General Ethan said that he found it alone in the mountains. It probably would have died if we hadn't taken it in." However, Lord William didn't sound too concerned, because he only saw the dragon as a tool he could use, not a living thing. Felix knew that the guards were going to torture the dragon and punish it when it didn't do what they wanted it to do.

"Doesn't Lord William realize that torturing such a beast would only anger it and cause it to attack him when its older?" Felix wondered, "Unless, it truly is just an infant. If that's true than it's possible that..."

Felix's train of thought was suddenly cut off when the soldiers exited the cell. Felix noticed that one of the soldier's chest plate had four claw marks on it. The gashes in the metal plate were large, but luckily for the soldier it didn't make it to the skin. Felix gulped when he saw the slash marks on the metal plate. "If the dragon can do that? How am I supposed to do my job without getting killed!" Felix questioned.

"They've chained it up," Lord William said, "The meat and water are down here. Go a head and feed it."

"W-w-without a-any armor?" Felix questioned.

"It's chained up, just keep it out of it's range and you'll be safe," Lord William said. However, Lord William didn't sound seem concerned about Felix's safety, because he knew that he could just get another slave to do it if Felix should die. Before Felix could say anything, Lord William left and one of the guards pushed a cart to Felix. The cart was had a large pile of food and a large bowl of water set on it.

Felix sighed and pushed the cart to the cell door while another guard started unlocking it. Felix's whole body shook while he waited to see the horrifyingly fearsome and large beast in the cell. The door opened and Felix pushed the cart in. The cell was large, but it was a horrid and dreadful place to live in. The walls and floors were made of stone and concrete and they hadn't been cleaned in years. Then again, it was a prison and wasn't supposed to be cleanly. There were no windows except the barred opening on the top a hundred feet above. The place was only lite up by the ceiling window and the torches around the walls.

It didn't take Felix long to see the dragon in the room. The dragon was easily close to twenty feet tall and between two or three times that length because of the neck and the tail. Judging from the size proportions of the head and the legs to the body, the dragon seemed like it was still an infant even though it was close to twenty feet tall.

The dragon had...
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