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A new Superboy, fashioned from a human body and Kryptonian DNA. Guide him.

A new Superboy, fashioned from a human body and Kryptonian DNA. Guide him.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
After so many failures with cloning Superman, from the deformed and stupid Bizarros, to the good intentioned Superboy Kon-El, Lex Luthor has decided to once again attempt to create his own copy of the Man of Steel. This time however he's decided on something different. Obviously a direct clone was impossible as they merely degenerated into a Bizarro, and Kon-El was a clone who was probably influenced by Superman's DNA instead of his own.

"No," Lex Luthor murmured to himself in the darkness of his base's private chambers. Despite having lost LexCorp and been forced into hiding, he still kept his taste for corporate-style surroundings and as such had fashioned his private chambers on the ones he'd had at LexCorp and his manor. So now he sat at his desk, staring out across the ocean as his brilliant mind worked its magic. "What if I took a child, young and vulnerable, and infused him with kryptonian DNA. Then I could wipe his mind and turn him into the perfect weapon to bring order to the world."

And that's what he did. He had two of his agents kidnap an eleven-year old boy from a park and brought to his lab unconscious. Not wanting to pass up the oppurtunity Lex used his connections in Intergang to obtain genetic material from several other aliens and spliced them together. With that done he injected the serum he'd created and it started to work. Unfortunately he'd forgotten to reapply the anesthetic he was using for the boy and he awoke, his memories still intact. In a fit of terror and anger he trashed the lab and fled the island to return home to Metropolis...

Okay so the main character is Matt Andrews, an eleven-year old boy from Metropolis kidnapped by Lex Luthor and turned into a mutant containing a large range of alien DNA. He has long, shaggy dirty blond hair, blue eyes and has a slim and athletic build. You can decide if the addition of alien DNA has caused any muscle growth in him.

Here Kryptonians were given their powers by genetic manipulation in their past, solar energy has nothing to do with it. They also possess a very very basic disguise ability allowing them to slightly alter their appearence if they wish to hide their identity. In addition the Kryptonian's powers are toned down considerably from what Superman has had in the comics.

Powers he starts with:
-Super Strength (strong enough to lift buildings and bridges with relative ease)
-Super Speed (can move at mach 1 speeds)
-Super Durability (sometimes called 'invulnerability', Matt constantly generates a skin-tight forcefield that blocks most small projectiles like bullets and even can stand up to machine gun fire for a short time)
-Super Stamina (able to act at maximum capability for at least twelve hours without tiring)
-Flight (though technically more like levitation, he can control his direction and so is considered flight)
-Basic Disguise Ability (can make slight alterations to his appearence to hide his identity)

-Don't be afraid to get a little violent, but don't overdo it. Blood is okay, guts aren't.
-Alot if up to the authors, I'm not going to be too much of a nazi
-No killing the main character off right off the bat, that's anti-climatic and, as far as I'm concerned, spam
-Third-person perspective please
-Don't get too wild with the extent of his powers, there needs to still be some challenge for him
-Some basic grammar please, this is WRITING.com, so you know, proper period and capital placement, spaces after periods. Just grade 1 stuff.

That's all I can think of. 5000 GPS for additions.
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