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Rated: XGC · Interactive · Fantasy · #1671505
Someone in the media industry comes up with a potion to turn one person to a god.
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Chapter 9

Beyonce decides to just teleport to Washington

A city block is reduced to a crater as the nude 7'5" superwoman materializes in Washington. Her laughter sends shockwaves across the city shattering glass and concrete. She picks up a few pebbles and flicks them at a few office buildings causing massive explosions with each hit. Beyonce slowly begins to march down the avenue. With each step, her bare feet drive into the pavement with titanic force, tearing up the street, bursting water mains, and collapsing subway tunnels. The earthquake caused by her long legs topples buildings on both sides of the street. She feels a pleasant breeze as a 10 story hotel falls right on top of her. With a brush of her hands, the heap of rubble disintegrates into a cloud of dust which she blows away with a bit of air from her nose. Reveling in the power of her own lungs, she sends another puff of air through her nostrils, tearing chunks out of buildings as if they were being hit by bombs. She giggles as another orgasm rocks her body, demolishing another 10 blocks of the city as she thrashes around in a blur.
She continues her unstoppable climax by sheer will and floats up into the air surveying her new empire. Spotting the city's monuments, she slams down feet first onto the Mall,turning the vast green space into a 100 yard wide crater. She arrives in a flash at the Lincoln Memorial and decides to recarve it into something more appropriate for her tastes. Within a second, her fingers reshape the statue of Lincoln into a monument to Beyonce. The president is replaced with a 20 foot tall stone version of her sitting on a throne naked, under her feet is a pile of rubble. She does the same to the Jefferson Memorial across town, turning it into a 15 foot nude of her, standing with a smile atop of wreck of twisted steel and debris. The superwoman then turns toward the towering Washington Monument, hovering over the pinnacle of the structure.
She lowers herself onto the tip, moaning as the stone disintegrates she rams it between her thighs. The tower is nothing but a sex toy as it is slowly annihilated by the insatiable super girl. After 15 minutes of pleasure, she finally arrives on the ground ready to replace it with the most massive monument in the country's history. Within seconds, she erects a 600 foot tall nude statue of herself, standing on one foot. The other leg is raised and her left foot rests on top of a massive globe, 120 feet in diameter. She marvels at her own perfection as thousands of bullets slam harmlessly into her. She enjoys them immensely, so rather then stop them, she increases their velocity in mid-air until each round hits her with a 100 times their normal force. The explosions massage her bare skin but disintegrate the soldiers around her. The superwoman can't help but touch herself, fueled by her endless urges. Her body becomes a blur, her hands brush her skin as she pleasures herself at immeasurable speeds. Knowing it wasn't enough, she moves so fast that another Beyonce appears beside her. She drops to her knees and goes down on herself while she screams with passion. Realizing she can be in multiple places at once only intensifies her ecstasy. Two more Beyonce's appear on either side of her and begin fondling her breasts while making out with herself. Four more appear in a blur as the orgy lasts for 6 hours, decimating a chunk of the city.
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