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Rated: XGC · Interactive · Fantasy · #1671505
Someone in the media industry comes up with a potion to turn one person to a god.
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Chapter 9

She continues playing around with the people

Beyonce tries a little experiment for fun. She sees a blonde in a short skirt sitting next to her boyfriend in a convertible, stuck in traffic trying to escape the city. With a blink of her eye, Beyonce enhances the girl's strength 10,000 times. The girl begins to thrash around in her seat, screaming in pleasure. The boyfriend is smacked by her arm and killed instantly while her legs kick wildly, reducing the car to scrap in minutes.
She spots three strippers fleeing a club trying to escape the destruction, one black, one Asian, and the other a white brunette. She points her finger at them and they begin to orgasm uncontrollably, staggering to a stop. They suddenly grow 8 feet tall, their slender bodies bursting through their g-strings and bikini tops while snapping and crushing their high heels with each step. Beyonce grants them but a microscopic fraction of her power, boosting them to 20 million times normal strength. They stop running and begin to destroy everything in sight with their bare hands and legs. Crushing and killing pedestrians while tearing buildings apart with their arms. The Asian girl giggles as she tosses cars and tourist buses like toys. The white girl enjoys kicking and stepping on any man she sees, turning them into smears on the pavement. The black girl laughs loudly as she punches through the walls of an office tower, slowly tearing it apart, steel beam by steel beam. Beyonce shudders with joy as their pleasure is transferred into her amplifying her amusement greatly.
She spots yet another girl to play with, this time an attractive redhead with pale skin rushing out of a gym in fear. With a blink of an eye, Beyonce changes her as well. She becomes 15 feet tall, bursting out of her shorts, sports bra, and sneakers. The redhead laughs maniacally as she begins to crush the cars clogging the streets with her bare feet and pounds buildings to dust with her fist.
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