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Someone in the media industry comes up with a potion to turn one person to a god.
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Chapter 10

Beyonce continues her fun with the people below

    by: Kamel   More by this author
As the newly amped girls got to work, beyonce noticed the monorail and flew down and sealed all the doors with her heat vision before flying to the back of the train and flying through the door.

As the passengers stumbled backwards she used her breast beams to kill a couple to spur them into fleeing down the carriages as she walked behind them in her best catwalk impression. When she caught up with them in the first carriage they were all pounding against the glass and doors trying to escape.

"Nuh uuuuh, you worms are sooo rude.. time for punishment''

And with that she was among them, each swing of her arms slicing people in half until there was just one moderately handsome man left. Beyonces smug grin turned to confusion and horror as her body shrank and she screamed ''NO NOOOOOO!!! WHERE IS MY POWER... MY POWER?!??''

The man took it upon himself to avenge those killed and charged at her, as he ran into her in an attempt to knock the now 5'5' woman over he screamed in pain. It was like he had just ran into a steel pole. As he looked into Beyonces face he realised he'd been duped, her expression changed to one of pure evil..

"Yeah.. as if that would happen..'' and as she wrapped her arms around him she grew back to her former 7'5'' complete with a little bit more tone to her muscles. "What a naughty little man you are.. doubting your Goddess and daring to attack her.."

She pushed him back against the front of the carriage and then bent metal around him before jogging slowly back to the end of the train, "I'm just taking a run up okay? well.. not like you have a choice!'' and with that moved a distance of 60 miles in 0.0000001 seconds, disintegrating everything around her path for 1 mile either way, creating winds of 1000 miles an hour and a boom which made everyone for 200 miles temporarily lose their hearing.

As she glanced back at the city, now in the midst of being assaulted by her newly enhanced toys she considered her next step..
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