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Choose how girl(s) go through outrageous changes in their Puberty.
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Chapter 2

Lindsay's Age Choices

    by: RedAce   More by this author
Alright 5 chances to create a story. Please remember, she must be between the Ages of 8-12 Years Old! Not younger than 8 Years-Old and No Older than 12 Years-Old. Also Giantess is the only growth allowed and must be the main focus. Although Breast growth is allowed and some changes body wise. Just no weight gain, muscle growth. Just GTS and BE only. Also No Age progression, they must remain there age when changing. This makes for more unstable giantess and can end up causing major problems for everyone. Have fun and please be detailed and growth must be slow. Thank you and have a good day everyone.

(Re-cap Bio on Lindsay)

Height / 4'5
Skin / Hawaiian
Personality / Very kind, but has a slight darker side to herself.
Likes / To have cute girls talk to her and admire her
Dislikes / Being teased for being taller than anyone in her age group

Notes /
Lindsay likes girls, instead of boys. As she drew closer to her puberty, she began to look at girls in a sexual way. She also has a secret fetish to crush things with her foot and other body parts. But she loves to mostly breast and butt crush model cities and toys. Though her butt isn't that big and her breasts have barely came in, so it gets tender quick and the destruction is very limited, she hopes that since she has grown up a bit, that her breasts will fall and get huge and that her butt gets a bit more bigger to cushion her butt crushes. But the problem is, since she is taller than the girls in her age group, she is teased horribly over it, which upsets her. She is a very kind girl, but wouldn't mind if she grew a bit more to get some sweet revenge on those mean girls who teased her relentlessly.
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