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You are stranded on an island with anthro amazons, ruled by a giantess
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Chapter 2

Mihal, the kindly vixen

There, on an enormous marble throne, sat a giant female fox. She was dressed in a long white silk skirt that went down to her ankles, a white top with gold lining, and a gold tiara on her head, that went well with her red hair that went down to her shoulders.

"Come here." She said. Her voice sounded gentle, but you weren't sure you could trust her. You timidly took a step toward her. She reached down with one huge,black furred hand and picked you up between her fingers. You legs ran in the air as you were lifted off the floor, and dropped into her palm.

You turned to see two giant blue eyes staring at you. "What is your name?" She asked. "J....j......Jake." You stutter. "Don't be afraid." She said kindly. "I won't hurt you. Now, how did you get here?"

You tell here your story, wondering what will become of you when you are done. She listens intently, then pauses after you finish, deep in thought. "Let me fill you in." She says. "You are on the island of Anthromia. I am their ruler, Mihal. We have long been hidden from your kind, and we want to keep it that way. So, I'm afraid we can't let you leave."

"What!?" You exclaim. "Now now, don't fret." She says. "While your here, you'll be my guest. Don't worry, me and my servants will take good care of you." She places your on her shoulder and gets up from her throne. You keep you balance by holding on to the fur on her neck. Now you see why this palace is so huge! Her head nearly touches the ceiling!

As she walks through the halls of her palace. "Your lucky you got here when you did." She says. "Your just in time to join me for......."
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