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Chapter 2

A Baby-Sitting Gig

    by: joemjackson   More by this author
From who's point of view shall this story be told? Whoever is the main character of the story, it will be the other girl who will begin to grow...


A cute, 10 year old with shoulder length, dark blonde hair. She is thin, about 80 lbs. and only about 4'9". A happy kid, her mother will be going out for the night and hires their neighbor to come over to look after Elfie for the evening.


Christy's next door neighbor, an 18 year old teen with long, lighter blonde hair. She stands 5'11" with heathy D-cup breasts and a trim figure. Weighing around 150 lbs, she's beautiful, athletic, and has everyone believing she's an innocent and trustworthy young woman.


First started by Panther (3) and the next chapter comes mostly from Mary Moves in by Sally Reynolds (long inactive site that I saved the story from)
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