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Chapter 2

A babysitting gig alternate version

    by: PrincessKooh   More by this author
Just like the other babysitting version elfie is the 18 yr old babysitte and christy is the 10 year old sittee.

Elfie arrived to babysit Christy. The 2 girls waved as Christy's mom left. Christy gave a grin. "Lets play a game Elfie. You will be my doll" said Christy. "Ok but how" asked Elfie before Christy started to glow. Elfie watched in shock as the 10 yr old started to grow. Soon she was eye level with Elfie. Then Elfie was at waist level. Next she watched as the 10 yr old grew through the roof finally stopping at 100 ft tall. Christy picked up Elfie. "Now then before we play dollies lets make a few more changes" said Christy. Elfie then started to glow and she grew to 8ft 5. Next she sprouted Cat ears and a tail. What happens next?
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