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You discover a fantastic piece of alien technology, and use it to fill out your fantasies.
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Chapter 4

Two bodies are better than one.

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You sigh as you flop down into a chair and cross your legs. Using your mom's body to do what ever you want is great, but you also want a regular life in your own body; it's a shame you can't have the best of both. Or can you? "Wait a minute," you say out loud, "what if I could control my body while remaining in this one? My plan would work if I can make the stone link my mind to both bodies." Holding the stone before you, you close your eyes and speak firmly, "I want to control both bodies as my own, have simultaneous awareness, and be able to work both at the same time."

Opening your eyes to the flash in your hand, you notice your vision can see the ceiling at the same time you are looking at your male body. You become conscious of familiar muscles and sensations, and raise your own body's torso off the floor; turning your head, you meet the eyes of your mom's body and feel as if you were having an out-of-body experience. You open both mouths to say, "Wow, this is incredible." Moving closer to the other, you use both pairs of hands to touch the faces of both bodies. Your body looks at your naked mother and feels an erection coming on; as you watch from your mom's point of view, your body 's pants bulge in the groin. You laugh to yourself how funny it is watching you get horny. The clock in the hall chimes loudly and startles you, causing both bodies to jump; it's late so you decide to put off further examination and turn in.

Your male body walks up the stairs to your room, while your mother's body goes to her bedroom after fetching her clothing. You make both kiss the other deeply and say goodnight before turning away. When both bodies are finally in bed, you distract yourself by absent mindedly stroking your male member and your mother's vagina. Soon, both bodies are feeling the effects of masturbation and you are caught in between both as you experience both sexes orgasms. The exhaustion sets in during your sex coma and you drift off to sleep.

The next morning...
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You have the following choices:

1.   You want more bodies to control.

2.   Alice walks in on both your bodies sleeping in your room.

3.   The next morning...

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