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One day Dan discovers he has the power! (offering 100 gp for good additions)
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Chapter 2

In the bathroom

Dan stood in the shower, feeling the sensation of the water running over his head and down his body. He could not believe his bad luck, here he was on the first day of summer and instead of hanging out with his friends he was going to have to spend the whole summer entertaining his bratty nine year old cousin Laura. Life could not suck any more.

His thoughts were interrupted by the door to the bathroom opening. "Hey, I am in here!" he yelled

"Sorry Dan, the door wasn't locked and I have to pee really bad.”Replied the voice of his cousin.

He watched in shock as she crossed the bathroom and pulled down her panties. "What are you doing?" Dan exclaimed as he attempted to cover herself up.

Laura looked at Dan and shrugged as she climbed onto the toilet. "I said I have to pee."

"But I am taking a shower?"

"So, it won’t take me long."

Dan grumbled and turned around so that he could not see her staring at him. "I can see your butt." Laura stated with a giggle.

Dan turned around to growl at her about respecting his privacy as she climbed off the toilet. For a split second Dan caught a glimpse of her privates. His eyes locked onto her crotch as she pulled her panties on and dropped her nightie back into place. He felt himself growing hard at the glimpse he had gotten. "Man, I wish I could have seen more." He thought to himself.

"Wait, what the hell am I thinking she is only nine." He whispered to himself as he once more glanced in Laura’s direction.

His mouth dropped in shock as he saw Laura smiling up at him as she pulled her nightie off and her panties down. She stood in front of Dan completely nude, her legs slightly parted, giving him a perfect view of her pre-teen slit. His cock quickly grew hard at the sight; he looked down at his erection and shook his head again. "Well, see you later Dan, He herd Laura state as he unconsciously began to stroke his cock.

He turned towards her again and saw her naked back retreating out the door. He took a quick look at her ass as she left the room, and admired its firmness. She had left her nighty and pnaties on the floor of the bathroom. Dan quickly tunred off the shower and dried off. Seeing her panties on the floor he quickly grabbed them and headded to his room. He closed the door and climbed onto his bed. Grabing her panties he began to stroke himself off while thinking about the sight of her pussy and ass. again a thought poped into his lust muddled brain.
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