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So many girls...they need to be taught a lesson, give any girl from the LoZ a wedgie!
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Chapter 3

The Spirit Sage Nabooru

    by: Awesomeanator   More by this author
"Maybe I can fit in there?" Nabooru ask herself as she peers at a small hole in the spirit temple. "Why the hell did they put this here." she then grumbles.

Getting down on all fours, begins to crawl into the tiny hole, "Hey it looks like ill---" Her sentence gets cut off as her butt gets firmly wedged in the tiny hole.

"Great, just my luck, I better get out." She says to herself as she begins to move backwards. Yet, she can't. "What, I'm stuck?!" she screams to herself as she tries again to escape, still no luck. Maybe one of her fellow warriors can help her out.

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