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So many girls...they need to be taught a lesson, give any girl from the LoZ a wedgie!
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Chapter 3

Your childhood friend Ilia

    by: Gufnrbehhdhyd   More by this author
Llia just stood in awe, hands firmly planted on the kitchen table. She and link had made a bet on a horse race, and she had obviously lost. She knew she couldn't have won, that was why she told Link from the start that if he won she'd do him one favor no matter what it was. She was hoping it would be something along the lines of using her like a cheap toy, but she hadn't expected this.
"You ready?' Link asked, clearly excited. Llia gave a resigned nod yes and he wasted no time. He carefully worked his hands down the young woman's pants. He had his palms to her back and spent a moment getting a feeling for where her butt was.
"H-Hey! What are you doing back there?!" Llia gasped, excitedly pushing her hips backwards into his hands.
"Nothing," was his response as he hooked his fingers around the leg holes of her underwear. He began to slowly pull them out into the daylight, earning a dissatisfied sigh from the girl. She was wearing bright yellow bikini cut underwear with a white waistband. They were much softer than link had expected, making him want to go back down her trousers and grope her tight butt again. In reality Llia would have loved that, but Link feared she'd get upset and call for her father; the mayor. So instead her just pulled harder, and brought her backwards so her could at least grind up against her.
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