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That's right, it's finally here, give any girl from HP a wedgie!
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Chapter 5

Pink lace with I love my mommy on the front

    by: Yeyewedgies   More by this author
Suddenly Draco let out a girly squeal. An endless supply of pink floss came out of the spoiled boys pants.
“I love my mommy? Really Draco, you probably still suck on her tit if you wear something as humiliating as that!” Hermione sneered, reading his girly thong.
All Draco could do is blubber like a child getting spanked.
“Why don’t we see what we’re working with,” Hermione snickers as she tears Draco’s pants down, showing off a smooth pale ass and his throbbing dick.
“Aww looks like someone’s been a bad boy!” Hermione exclaimed as she hooks him onto a hook at the center of the quidditch pitch. Draco blubbers incoherent words of apology between sobs.
“ it seems like Mommas boy needs a punishment!” Hermione laughs.
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