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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1802038
That's right, it's finally here, give any girl from HP a wedgie!
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Chapter 2

Luna's Wedgie Story!

    by: Stephen   More by this author
Luna Lovegood sat against a tree out on the hills in Hogwarts (Luna currently being in her 5th year of school) she was quietly doing her potions homework, but was now watching some of the older Ravenclaw students giving the poor first year Ravenclaw's the "Ravenclaw initiation", giving them wedgies with the wingardium leviosa spell "ha ha ha" the (probable) 5th years laughed "spin them around" "lift them higher" "that ones next!" they all chanted. If the first years weren't being wedgied they were standing there getting ready to be, looking terrified. As the first years were given painful wedgies, Luna watched with that dotty look she always gives off, until one 5th year saw her watching them "hey guys" he said "who's that?" "who her?" the other 5th year said "that's Luna Lovegood" "more like Loony Lovegood" the third 5th year said. They all snickered "HEY LUNA!" one called out. Luna jumped, she didn't expect them to notice her "why don't you come over and try this! It's fun" "yeah, giving the first years wedgies is alot more fun than you'ed think!" the other 5th year called out. Luna (not wishing to have gotten involved) stood up and walked over too them "I'm not so sure" Luna said "this is mean" "Come on its fun" the 5th year laughed handing Luna his wand (which was holding up a first year by his tighty whities) Luna held the wand still "oww" The first year moaned. Luna lowered him to the ground "aww" the 5th years said "your running all the fun" Luna walked over to the first year and put her hand on his shoulder and smiled "You better run along now" she said. The first year smiled and ran off with his other friends "thanks alot" The 5th year said to Luna "Not a problem at all" Luna said "come on" the other 5th year said "lets see if we can go round them up again" the three of them ran off. Luna turned around a walked back to the tree "they'll never learn" She said sitting down against the tree, but when she picked up her book it went flying in the air, which startled Luna "aww isn't that sweat" Luna heard a voice say "Loony Lovegood helping the first years get away form there well deserved wedgies" Luna looked up and saw Pansy Parkinson and three other slytherin girls walking towards her. Luna stood up quickly with her back to the tree "how nice and sweet of Luna...sorry i said your name wrong, how nice and sweat of loony to stand up for the little first years" "please go away" Luna said "I don't want any trouble" The girls got all around Luna's path (standing about 6 feet away from her) "well looks like you got some trouble" Pansy mocked "tell me Luna, what color panties are you wearing?" The three other girls started laughing. Luna didn't say anything, knowing what Pansy was planning to do "oh you don't have to waist your breath, I'm gonna see in a minute!" Luna looked around at the other girls who were laughing. Pansy lifted her wand and pointed it at Luna, Luna at this point getting a real worried feeling in her stomach "wingardium leviosa!" pansy said "eh!" Luna screeched softly as she was lifted into the air by her panties.
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