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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1802038
That's right, it's finally here, give any girl from HP a wedgie!
This choice: Pink Hello Kitty panties with bad girl on the waistband. · Go Back...
Chapter 6

Pink Hello Kitty panties with bad girl on the w...

    by: Dingo   More by this author
Ginny was bent over Snape’s desk, and quite frankly, she was terrified. Snape inspected her exposed waistband- “bad girl” was written on them. He rolled his eyes before without even giving her a warning, gripping them harshly and hiking them up her bubble butt. They were pink, with little Hello Kitties on them. Ginny knew she shouldn’t have worn such embarrassing underwear, but they were the only pair that didn’t sag or ride up- or they didn’t yet. Snape pulled with all his might, and the panties were now mid-back. They were beginning to fray at the sides, Ginny’s leg holes were now completely exposed, and she could almost feel herself lifting off the table.
“Now, what are you going to do next time?” He asked.
Ginny gulped.
“Listen to you, professor.”
Snape chuckled, before the waistband of her panties went over her head, becoming separate from the fabric.
“Get out, Weasley.”
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