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Three massive anthro pigs and the things they get up to

Three massive anthro pigs and the things they get up to

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The naughty adventures of three (not so) little pigs, and their 'friends'.


The Pigs

Sally Pig: The youngest of the three sisters, and the 'slimmest' weighing in only at 400 pounds, although she looks quite thick, being only 5'4. Most of the weight is in her enormous chest, although she has a very wide backside as well. Almost no weight is in her stomach, giving her an incredible hour glass shape. Her black hair hides her eyes most of the time. She loves people looking at (and being smothered by) her chest, but is otherwise friendly.

Monica Pig: The middle sister. 6'2 and a heavy 650 pounds, most her weight is in her lower body. Her ass is truly a sight to behold, almost as wide as she is tall, with quite the muffin top poking from whatever strained pants she happens to be wearing. Her short white hair draping the sides of her face, Monica is much nastier than her young sister, loving to flatten smaller people with her ass, and having more than once sent someone to their eternal rest up her back door.

Rebecca Pig: The oldest. Towering at 8'7 and a scale shattering 1300 pounds. Her breasts, belly, and ass dwarf anything on her sisters, even if they had grown to reach her height. Her long red curls fall down to the small of her back, brushing the top of her mammoth ass. Rebecca simply does what she wants, whether nice or cruel. Like Monica, she's no stranger to vanishing people up her ass, but is open to more traditional forms of vore as well.

Their Friends

The (Not So Big) Wolf: Despite stores, this wolf ain't big. coming in at 4'6 and 90 pounds, he's a runt. After trying and failing to chow down on the pig sisters, he's now their servant, kept in line by fear of vanishing up Monica or Rebecca's rear entrance. Abused constantly, he's forced to do anything they say.

Thomas Cattington: Sally's boyfriend. Coming in at 3'2 and 60 pounds. He loves his girlfriend very much, but is a bit put off by all the abuse he gets from her sisters, who love to make him into 'road kill'.

Anyone you want!

Not Allowed:
Death (except by vore)

Basically anything else!
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