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The ultimate weight gain story of Zack and Cody from The Suite life of Z&C
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Chapter 2


    by: TheFatterSprouse   More by this author
"Get up boys. Pancakes are ready!"

Zack and Cody lazily got out of bed and out to their small hotel room kitchen. Their single mother, Carey was setting down two plates stacked high with pancakes. 10 for Zack and 7 for Cody.

"Wow." Zack said. "10 of them, this is great."

"Yes, congratulations on your B in math, I was flabbergasted by your achievement. And Cody, straight A's as always."

"Well you had better hurry, school starts soon and the bus won't wait for you."

Carey left the room and the twins began to chow down.

"Those were delicious," Zack said as he finished off his tenth pancake.

"Yeah, keep them in your mouth, not on the table" said Cody who was still eating.

"You know there's a new Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opening just a block away from school" Zack said as he was licking the syrup off his chubby fingers. "Hurry up and finish your pancakes so we can grab a few doughnuts before school starts."

"Zack, aren't you going to be full after 10 pancakes? Asked Cody.

"I suppose so" he replied. "But you can't pass up Krispy Kreme, can you? It'll be fine just this once.

"I guess,but just have one" mothered Cody.

"How could I just have one, there's so many to choose from, Long Johns, Bismarks, Doughnut Holes, Glazed, Chocolate, Sprinkles, they're all too good to pass up."

"But Zack overeating isn't good for your health, and the doctor said you were 8 pounds heavier than I am - and that was a few months ago"

"It's all muscle" Zack snapped.

"Is not" said Cody.

"Is too"

"Fine but it was your idea" Cody finished his last pancake and they headed to their room to get dressed.
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