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Transformation in a world of wizardcraft and witchery
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Chapter #13


    by: Yote
These nomadic, blue-green amphibians ply the rivers and waterways of the world, peddling their wares. Their only 'stable' territory is a vast ocean city made of lashed-together boats and barges, which moves constantly to avoid attack.

Goblins deal often in enchanted and cursed weapons and armour, as well as slaves of all kinds. They also enjoy a bustling black-market trade in body parts, buying and selling limbs and organs from their bodyshoppes.

Goblins possess the ability to regenerate from any non-mortal injury, and can grow back limbs over a period of a few days. Their bodies will always return to their natural state, even if grafted with limbs and organs from other races. Additionally, goblin limbs and organs grafted onto other species will spread over the entire body, eventually converting the transplantee into a goblin entirely. For this reason, goblin traders will often sell their own body parts for next to nothing, knowing that they themselves will regrow the part, while the person that receives it will have to pay to have further parts replaced as the goblinfection spreads through their body.

Beneath their damp, mottled skin lies a distinctively sadistic streak, born partly from their diminutive size compared to the other races. Many goblins revel in shrinking the larger races, often reducing clients down to their size or smaller before any business negotiations begin. Goblins also like nothing more than transforming would-be thieves into useful trinkets to be added to their collection.

Are literally ruled by money; laws are bought and sold on a daily basis by the richest merchants.

Racial Attributes
True sight - goblins can see through illusions and magical deception.

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1. Goblins: Magic-users, spells, and items

2. Shapeshifters

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