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Transformation in a world of wizardcraft and witchery
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Chapter #17


    by: Yote
Once a race of stoic and resilient brawlers, these subterrean dwellers constructed glorious underground cities and feats of engineering unmatched by their overground contemporaries. Sadly, they are now nearly extinct - the majority of their population having been consumed by Vorelves. Their cities now swarm with the corrupted elves, their great achievements lying unguarded for any enterprising individual bold enough to venture underground.

The fact that the vorelves have entered as state of decades-long torpor as they digest the Dwarves tough, stone-like bodies is perhaps the only reason the corrupted elves have yet to attack the world above.

There are recorded instances of living dwarves being recovered from the stomachs of Vorelves, but they usually only stick around only long enough to grab an axe and be pointed in the direction of the nearest dwarven mine.

You have the following choices:

1. Dwarves: Magic users, spells, artifacts

2. Monsters

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