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  1. The Dream
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What would you do if you were granted the power to manipulate the world around you?
Chapter 1

The Dream

    by: Blarg Blargington   More by this author
You run down the narrow hallway but it never seems to end. You see a light at the end but you can't seem to reach it. Suddenly the walls melt away and you come to the realization that you're dreaming. You've, quite literally, walked into a lucid dream.

Hello, Human, the voice echos around you.

"Who are you?" you call out.

I am no one, the voice tells you. Your mind intrigues me, Human. I have decided to give you a gift.

"A gift?" you ask.

Indeed, Human. I have decided to give you the power to control the world around you, to manipulate the very fabric of reality.

"What's the catch?"

No catch. I just want to see what you will do. Farewell, Human. It is time for you to wake.

You open your eyes to see the ceiling of your room above you. You reach over to your nightstand and pick up your phone to check the time. It's 7 in the morning... on a Monday. "Aw man," you grumble. "I slept in again... at least that stupid dream woke me up so I won't be late for school. But I wonder... No there's no way that could be real."

You stare at the ceiling and imagine it being green instead of white. To your surprise the color begins to change. You bolt upright. "Holy crap!" you shout. "I did not think that would work!"

You quickly jump out of bed as ideas flood your mind. Screw school! You can do anything you want! The question still remains, however: what should you do?
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