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Ash and Serena find a remote and things happen.
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Chapter 3

Ash to switch bodies with Serena

    by: Jimmy   More by this author
After the blinding flash of light had died down, Ash brought his gloved hands up to his eyes to clear them and help them readjust. What he saw however, wasn't quite what he expected. Out of the ends of his fingerless gloves, he saw that his once coarse fingers had been replaced by much more feminine, well manicured fingers with painted nails. Freaking out, he began to check the rest of his body. He found that his arms were now devoid of hair and much thinner and that there were now two mounds sticking out of the front of his jacket blocking his view of the rest of his body. Leaning forward to look at the rest of his body, his vision became blocked by long, honey blonde hair. Suddenly realising what had happened, Ash looked over to where Serena had been standing and nearly burst out laughing. Where she had been standing was now his old body, but still dressed in her own clothes which seemed to have been resized to fit his body. His old body was now dressed in Serena's tight black top with slight bumps in the chest where her bra was sticking out. It was also wearing her short red skirt allowing Ash to see his old hairy legs. Serena's shoes and knee high socks were also resized for Ash's much larger feet and her hat was on his head. He also assumed that since he was still wearing his own underwear, his old body was now wearing Serena's panties, most likely changed slightly to accommodate his penis. Deciding to see how Serena will react to the changes, he made his way over to her and asked if she noticed anything different.
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