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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter 16

Class dismissed

    by: bobboled   More by this author
Without saying a word, you changed Morrigan and yourself back to normal, or at least what counted as normal for 'you'. She turned to you, her interest in the breasted girl suddenly lost. "Hey, why did you do that?!"

"Because, I dunno, I just wanted to go back for a bit." She gives you 'the look' and you hesitate. "I mean, I just wanted to be normal for a bit/ it's getting kind of hard to keep track of everything, y'know?"

She pouted, puppy eyes beating you down like a hammer. "Humph, fine for you maybe, but I liked being headless. At least do that for me. Please?

"F-fine, just...just don't look at me like that! It's unfair." She giggled, leaning closer, her eyes huge and lip trembling. "Okay, i get it. At least you can't use that after I'm done..."

"Hah, even without my head I can still twist you around my finger," she said as she tapped her fingers in typical evil genius fashion. "Why, I can-" but her head was gone. You rather liked her face, and you couldn't understand why she wanted to get rid of it so often. Oh well, at least it wasn't temporary.

You feel at tugging at your shirt. It's Morrigan, of course, because you forgot to enable her to speak. You change her again, and this time her voice comes from her pants, muffled. She unzips them, baring her cute pussy to the whole class. "Much better! And thanks for the vision too. How are you doing that if I might ask?" You wave your hand above the blank space of her shoulders. She Jerks a little, as this is where her line of sight lies. She thought she would get hit, but there really isn't anything there.

"I shifted your vision. You don't need eyes like this. I have no fucking clue how this works."



"Soooo, now what?"

"I dunno. Class is almost over. Want to change some more people before we go?"

Morrigan stood up, her crotch level with your face. "Ffffffffffff.....uck yessssss." Then she sat back down.

"Ooookay. What's first?"


Dr.Harrison announced the weeks homework, just a simple research essay on a particular transformation. You could do it the night before, as usual. Panic papers were usually your best work.

in the ten minutes between your chat with your girlfriend and your leaving class, the two of you had done a pretty good job. The couple infront of you had been morphed into a conjoined twin, with the boyfriend becoming an exact copy of his girlfriend except for the hair color. And the fact that his/her groin retained his penis. A girl sitting in the front by her self soon found herself surrounded by several headless copies of herself. One body had six arms, another had sported eight huge dicks jutting out of her groin, and yet another was armless and had a snake's lower half instead of legs. Shared between all of them was the fact that where her head should have been, there was instead a perpetually rigid dick. The girl, before she left, took her head off, a wet pussy hidden underneath, and stuck it on her snake body which then slithered away. Her other bodies left soon thereafter, although in separate directions.

A woman's entire upper half disappeared, leaving only her lower half sitting idly in her chair. It then sat up, and with some effort managed to hook her book-bag over her hips and walked away. The man next to her, unmoved, didn't flinch when he was suddenly turned into a lithe Asian girl. her clothes sagged on her small frame, but what was most shocking of all was that instead of a mouth, her original penis had taken it's place. She turned to her friend, a taller blonde and whom you had assumed was her girlfriend. She now had her pussy where her mouth was. She leaned in and gave the former man a 'kiss' before they picked up their stuff and left.

Lastly, at the behest of Morrigan, you changed a student in the front to be the opposite of Dr.Harrison. The woman, a young redheaded girl, lost definition in lower body as her clothes also disappeared. Her legs melted together, lengthening until they were an eight foot long lump of flesh. It quickly grew in girth as her ass expanded, wrinkles forming on her once smooth skin. The end of her deformed legs regained shape as her lower half finished its transformation into a vary large cock, her ass turned into her testicles. She ahd good control over it too, as she was more than able to make her way over to the teacher although there was a rather large trail of cum across the floor, her efforts causing her to explode several times over her short journey.


You and your headless girlfriend high-fived and promptly left the classroom to-
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