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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter 19

A cute brunette walks in

    by: bobboled   More by this author
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About ten minutes later another woman came into the shop. She was a tomboyish and cute brunette girl with short air, curvy thighs and little A-cups. She asked Morrigan about the special that was going on, to which she replied that the girl was their second customer and would be able to get one of the free services. The brunette took a look at the brochure and told Morrigan that she would like to try out the body replacement option.

"Ooh, that's a very nice option. The service makes you feel like you've got a whole new body, almost like a new person." The brunette heartily accepted and went over to your booth. You introduced yourself and told the brunette to relax. "So what are you going to do?" she asked.

"Well, " you said as you pushed your power onto her, "I'll need you to take off all clothing except for your socks and shoes. Don;t worry about anyone seeing you, "you said as you closed a hanging curtain around your work area. The girl stripped, leaving only her socks and shoes on, seemingly unembarrassed at exposing her small breasts and round bum to you.

"Great, now please have a seat in this chair." The girl sat down in the soft cushioned chair and closed her eyes as you reclined the chair so she was almost flat on her back. "Alright, you can keep you eyes closed if you want. it should feel a little strange but also a little relaxing too." She chose to keep her eyes closed and you set to work. To the left of the girl was a table with a velvet cover over it, and would be used for your treatment. Grabbing some massage oil, you began to work the girl's body, giving her a light massage and covering her in the warm oil before you began to remove pieces of her. Her body was very relaxed as you plucked her nose and placed it on the table. Her eyes, eyebrows, and mouth were next and placed on the table in a position similar to her face. You then removed all hair on her body except for her head, and smoothed her face out until it was just a blank patch of marble smooth skin.

Working down, you grabbed her nipples, popped them off and placed them to the side. Even lower down, you you cupped your hand over her now hairless pussy and pulled out of her groin, with her tight anus soon to follow. These too went to the table next to her. Now the woman was like a doll, no defining features left on her body except for her head of hair.

Now you began to place the pieces of the brunette back on her body, but not in their original places. You had decided to do a switcheroo, and transplant her bottom to her top and vice versa. Carefully taking her eyes from the table, you lined them up on each breast, placing them in the exact spot her nipples had once been. Her mouth you placed above her groin, and stretched it out some too making it about four time larger than it had been previously. The oversize lips now took up most of her groin and had swallowed her belly button. Her nose you placed just below her breasts.

grabbing each side of her face, you pulled on her cheeks which plumped up and fattened as they became an exact copy of the girls original butt cheek. between her new face butt cheeks, you placed her anus where nose would have been, and pressed her pussy firmly beneath, taking position where her mouth should be. Her nipples were placed in place of her eyes, and were made larger to take up the excess space. Now thumb sized, they jutted awkwardly out of her butt face.

"You can open your eyes now."

The brunette did, and asked to see a mirror. You brought out the full size mirror from the back of the store and had her stand in front of it. "Th-that's incredible she said as she felt around her face. She spread her face ass, marveling at the new position of her genitalia. "My friends are going to freak when they see this It's so different, they're going going to be sooo jealous!".

"Why don't you bring them over? We've still got eight more free services to give away."

"That sounds great. I'll go text them in a minute." The girl then dressed herself, only when she put on her jeans she left the fly open for her mouth, and left her shirt unbuttoned so she could see from the eyes on her breasts. After that, she left outside and started texting on her phone.

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