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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter 21

An unsustpecting man walks in

    by: bobboled   More by this author
The doorbell chimed as another person walked into the spa. Somewhat surprisingly it was a young man instead of a woman who came in. He was in his mid twenties, tall and fairly handsome, but had a look of bewilderment on his face. "Uhhh, ", he paused as her cast his gaze across the room, spotting the two beautiful women who ran the spa. "This-this used to be where I got my haircut. Sorry about that, wasn't paying attention I guess."

"Oh no, please don;t go sir!" Alex yelled from across the room. "Actually, this is perfect! We haven;t had any male clients yet. You see, we just opened up and we are trying to attract a diverse crowd of people. In fact, for the first couple of customers our services are free and you just happen to fit in there!"

"Well, thanks and all but I'm not really into all of that beauty stuff."

"Aw c'mon!", Morrigan chimed in, "She's really good at ehr job. make you feel like a brand new person and all that. What have you got to lose?"

The man shrugged, defeated in the face of such hospitality and Morrigan's puppy eyes, "Okay, just something real quick then. What exactly do you do here anyways?"

Alex smiled, "Well, we focus on body rejuvenation and the like. i know it sounds vague but that's the best I can put it. Let me ask you, is there anything that's been bugging you about yourself, something you wish you could change or better emphasize."

"Nah, i'm pretty good honestly. I go to the gym, I eat healthy."

"Oooookaayyyy, uh. How about... what's your favorite animal?"

The man gave Alex a queer look. "My favorite whuh?"

"Don't think about it, just say it. Give me something to work with here dude."

"OK, I uh, really like starfish I guess."

"PERFECT! Ahem, I mean, I can work with that." Alex gestured to the massage table next to her. "Please lie down and we'll get started."

"Alright. A-um, starfish massage?"


The man walked over to the table and lay down. Alex, in her innate need of being a sexual goddess, changed the man into a woman almost without a second thought, so as to better enjoy herself. The man's form shimmered as he changed to she and in his place was a tall svelte woman with pleasing curves, a large squishy butt, larger breasts and soft tanned skin. ehr body was tall and muscualr, with large Amazonian arms and legs that were thicker than Alex's head. Turning the man, now woman, into something like a starfish was going to be a challenge to her, but not one she couldn't tackle. Using her magicks, she lessened the genderbent man's inhibitions and worry of public nudity. Her clothes then dissolved, allowing Alex to see the new woman in all of her entirety. She wasted no time in changing her.

Alex pulled over another padded table to the left of her and went to work. She tugged on the woman's left arm, holding just under the armpit and above her shoulder. She tugged until the arm gave way and began to slide. Instead of there being nothing, another tube of flesh, connected to her torso, slid out of the arm. When she finally peeled the arm off, it was limp, like a glove, with a wet pussy at the end where it had been attached. Growing from where her arm had been was a penis just slightly shorter and thinner than her arm making it still a massive cock considering the muscular arm it went into. She did the same with the other arm and her legs, each sliding off of the giant penises that were attached to where her limb's should be. Beneath each a large ball sack grew and encased two very large nuts. The woman twitched as Alex worked, her cock's revealing that they were prehensile as she scratched her nose with a cockhead.

She wouldn't be able to that for long, though, as Alex began to massage the woman's head, molding it like a piece of clay into an identical prehensile penis, although giving her head cock balls nearly as large as her E-cup breasts. Now the woman looked more like the starfish Alex envisioned, her muscled torso being the only human looking part of her. Alex had one final touch to add. She remembered that starfish had a central hole in their middle that they ate from, so Alex decided to make one. Gripping her customers clit in one hand, she pulled her pussy, stretching and making it grow up to her collar bone. Now it was the length of her torso but still thin. Alex pulled on either side as her body length pussy expanded and grew into a massive pair of slutty pussy lips, engulfing most of her torso in cunt. It would now serve as her mouth, stomach and vagina. She decided to leave the woman's anus alone.

When she was done, she slid the removed arms and legs back onto their respective penises, where they regained their original shape and funtion like arms and legs should, only now her penis head remained uncovered.

"There we are sir. Do you feel any different?"

the vagina rippled and squirmed as it formed words for the first time. "Yeah, actually! I feel great, like, really good in a weird sort of way." She patted her dick head awkwardly. "Man, I hate to run, but I kind of really need to see my girlfriend right now!"

"No problem, thanks for coming in!" She waved as the weird sexual starfish creature left, her balls hanging out of her limb sleeves.


Alex and Morrigan broke for lunch. It was almost time to close for the day, but they had been very successful. They had passed out tons of fliers and made lots of contacts and transformed a fair share of people. Every now and then a changed customer would walk past the door, like the woman who's upper half was changed into a large penis, or the man Alex made into a headless humantaur futanari with an anus in her shoulders, by request from Morrigan. jsut as they were about to close up, one last customer came in.

It was...

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