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by Zero
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1874571
A young, ticklish, assassin girl on a mission.
Chapter 1

Enter the Assassin!

    by: Zero   More by this author
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As the ball of dark orange light drowns below the horizon, the sky, once filled with a gradient of violet and blue, darkened into black and glittered with white specks of lights. Below the mystic heavens, a teenage girl was submerged in a hot, steaming body of clear water. Long black hair reached midway down her back with bangs framing her oval face. Gleaming violet eyes gazed at the crescent moon.

It was time to make her preparations for tonight’s mission.

Yukina stepped out of the hot spring, wrapping herself with a white towel to dry herself off. Her smooth, tender, light-tan skin was softened and cleansed by the hot purifying waters. Sliding the door open, she walked barefoot inside her home, and upon entering her room, she disrobed herself of the towel, hanging the wet fabric aside to be dried.

In a large square woven basket laid out her assassin attire, folded neatly in place. She started sliding her slender legs down the sleeves of a pair of black leathery shorts with a purple rim around the waist and two vertical zippers to tighten it around her thighs. A single black leather strip wrapped around her curvaceous breasts, zipped up at the center. One at a time, she slid her small bare feet down a pair of black leathery boots with front zippers that reached up to her upper thighs. She draped a black vest that reached down to her knees, left unzipped which revealed her midriff in the open. She wore black plated forearm and hand guards for protection. Her long silky black hair was tied into a bun with strands sticking upwards. A purple scarf wrapped around her neck. And finally, she concealed a pair of two short swords, hidden beneath her vest.

While it was common for assassins to wear light gear for the sake of mobility at the cost of durability, Yukina’s attired tended to leave her skin more exposed than the usual kunoichi. Different students cultivated different skills depending on their talents, and she cultivated her sense of touch to a supernatural level. She can feel the vibrations and currents in the air to sense disturbances. She can feel the ripples in the waters to sense creatures lurking about. She can read the vibrations against solids to sense nearby footsteps. Unfortunately, wearing clothes hindered all of that, having to sacrifice some protective gear in order to make use of her skill.

Traveling by foot, the youth spent hours lurking through the jungle at night, heading closer towards her destination which took form of a massive temple.

The kunoichi leered through the darkness of the night with the crescent lunar light being her main source of illumination. Her hypersensitivity felt the gentle movements of the air as she furtively ventured with silent steps in the massive ravine of rock formations on either side, towering the enormous ravine temple ruins that already dwarfed her small statue. The small waterfall was the main source of sound that her ears could pick up, a river of water streaming down gently toward greener pastures. Ancient manmade structures casted shadows with torn, eroding walls and pillars standing in certain parts and a large temple in the distance.

No guards, no traps, nothing proving to be an obstacle thus far. Her main challenge was locating her target, Lilith. However, as a precaution, she should explore the area in familiarize herself for her surroundings. Only by knowing more of her environment can she better formulate a plan and a backup plan in case something goes wrong. There was no urgent time limit besides the plentiful hours she has left before the sun rises back up again. She had all night, so she had no reason to rush haphazardly. Her client had informed her of an emergency exit that led to a secret entrance, something she better keep in mind in case she needed to retreat.

Where does she explore first?

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