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  1. The Accident
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by Jeary
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A Family on Vacation gets knocked off a road and into a lake that gives them Superpowers.
Chapter 1

The Accident

    by: Jeary   More by this author
One Night during the winter a family of five was driving on the icy roads heading towards they're usual vacation spot. That family was the Kelp family. Adam Kelp was the father and the driver of the vehicle. It had been awhile since he got a vacation. As they continued driving down the street. Adam heard police sirens and pulled over at a corner. He then saw the car the police were chasing and the police not far behind. The unmarked black car then drifted at the turn. Hitting Adams car just enough to knock it off the road and into the lake. Thankfully everyone managed to survive. What Adam didn't know, was that chemicals were being illegally dumped into they lake. These chemicals would change each family member in a different way giving them superpowers. The only question is who would be the first to discover there powers?

(Note: This basically chooses which Character the story will focus on. The Majority of the time.)
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1.   Adam

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5.   Mason

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