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You are born or get transported to Equestria and fall in love with a female character.

You are born or get transported to Equestria and fall in love with a female character.

This is an interactive story containing 53 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Now, the rules are pretty much the same as my (and Venom's) other "girlfriend" interactive stories.

But, just in case, let's review them and add some more.

For the Chaos story lines, the main character MUST be Leon Seiryu (for details on him, send me a message and I'll let thou know how he is and looks like).

For the other story lines, Thou are allowed to make thy own characters.


1-Having a relationship with a FEMALE character (this is a girlfriend story after all);
2-The ponies can be regular, anthros (like, having their regular pony characteristics but with their body being humanized) or something in between, like being able to change from regular to anthro.
3-Sex (M/F (the male MUST be the main character), F/F.
4-Lesbianism/Yuri: Okay, I know that some bronies (like myself) like to see the main character with more than one female and/or two girls or more together. So, I'll allow the main character to have sex with up to 3 (three) females at the same time, AT MOST. Or, simplifying, M/F/F/F;
4.1-Write a warning chapter before adding a chapter with sexual content. Also, specify what the chapter will have (be it sex, nudity, lesbianism, etc...);
4.2-Types of sexual activities allowed:

-Regular sex;
-Anal Sex;
-Horn/Mane fuck (the Horn fuck and the Mane fuck can only be done by Unicorns/Alicorns. The horn fuck consists on the usage of the horns to fuck somepony else's ass/pussy. And the mane fuck can only be done by the members of royaly (Celestia, Luna, Nightmare Moon, Cadence and Twilight, since either, their manes are pure magic in Clestia's, Luna's and Nightmare Moon's cases, or they can use magic to kake their manes move as they please, in Twilight's and Cadence's cases and it consists on using their manes to jerk/fuck somepony else's ass/pussy/cock/horn.


-A LITTLE bit of bondage (only the females can do it. Also try to write about it as little as you can);

5-Transgender (Only with the main character. Also, it must wear off in 3 to 5 chapters TOP. And I'm only allowing this because I think it could "spice" the "fun" and that it would add a funny touch to the story);
6-Blood (only from wounds of battles. Also, if you think the fight scene is going to be a little too gory (like tearing limbs), don't be too descriptive).
7-Transformation: If the mare(s) of your choice are regular ponies or can change from regular to anthro, then the main character can do it as well. You choose how he looks and if he/she is an Earth Pony/Unicorn/Pegasus/Alicorn/Changeling/Draconequs/Human or whatever species your OCs are.

Update 02/03/2016: 8-This are the fetishes allowed: Shrinking, Giantess, Butt Crush (Non-lethal), Breast Crush (Non-lethal), All kinds of regular Vore ((Oral Soft vore, Anal vore, Unbirth, Breast vore, Herm Cock vore, Absorption and Slime Pony (regular or anthro) vore) and minor scat (mentioned only).


1-NO FEET//HOOVES. You can mention them but THAT'S IT;
2-Males (they can be mentioned and can talk/be talked to but that's as far as it goes;
3-NO watersport in this story;

Additional rules:

1-Do NOT write like a caveman or use internet language like "U R N00B." or something like that.
2-Keep the characters accordingly to their personalities (a character can't be good and suddenly turn bad. It needs a plot. Like when Fluttershy became Cruelshy because of Discord's influence).
3-ANY chapter with bad writing/grammar, WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE!!!
4-Only the main character can use weapons and even then, they MUST be either, magical (staff, scepter) or swords. But the usage of weapons is only allowed if the main character is human or in human form.
5-Underage: If you choose foals characters, like Applebloom, they instantly become adult ponies. Sorry but no underage action here.

If I think that more rules need to be added, I'll change this. If not, I'll leave it as it is.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!
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