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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1973796
You know a lot of different girls at your school. This is what happens when you shrink.

You know a lot of different girls at your school. This is what happens when you shrink.

This is an interactive story containing 159 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
All characters in this story are 18+. Please keep it that way and do not involve any characters other than those I have created

You are a senior at your high school. This school however is mostly girls, so you know a lot of girls. However, what will life be like when you shrink around these girls? How will different personalities to you? Will life be difficult or easy? It all depends on your choices!

Some rules:

1. The message at the top. Especially with the characters. I'd rather my story not get overwhelmed by others characters and keep it focused on the ones I have created for the story.
2. Almost all fetishes will be accepted in this story. Although I like stink torture I'd rather it didn't go as far as scat.
3. I will allow if when shrunken, if you get squashed you will still be alive, but squashed flat against whatever crushed you. This way you cannot be killed off, and will make the story more interesting.
4. No death. Your shrunken form is pretty much indestructible.

Alright. Now for the ladies...

Kayla- The student council president. Absolutely beautiful. She has long blonde hair. The is very bright and intelligent with a perfect body. She is very kind and popular. She is liked by most people.

Jocelyn- She is a little short. She has long dirty blonde hair. You feel most comfortable around her and enjoy her company. She has a decent sized ass and breasts. Might be a little playful if shes bored.

Tiffany- Has short brown hair. She is flat chested, but has a nice ass. She would definately be the playful type is she had a tiny man in her possession. She is rather skinny.

Jordan- Tall and athletic. She has long black hair. loves to wear tight pants. Her breasts are nice, but her ass is absolutely her best feature. She would love to toy with a tiny you. She is on the soccer team, and likes to run with track after school. She finds Megan hilarious.

Jenna- Tall and athletic. She has long blonde hair. She is very kind, but a bit clumsy. She would love to take care of tiny person like you, but could easily forget about you and end up in some awkward situations. Her ass and breasts are perfect.

Ashley- A tall asian girl. She likes to tease you, but really she cares about your well being. She has longer black hair, not as long as others. A bit small on her chest, but her butt almost the perfect size. She is a cheerleader.

Taysia- A tall brunette. She likes her hair long and acts a little weird. She likes to laugh about things. She can be a bit perverted. You don't know her very well, so she might not care for you much or be a little cruel. Her breasts are her best feature. Likes art.

Olivia- Has long brown hair. Her breasts and ass are perfect sized. However, she loves to bother you, and she could easily take advantage of you as a giant... Friends with Jenna and Tiffany.

Claire- Giant ass, light brown hair, a bit of a loner. She might love to have a tiny man to be her little pet... whether he likes it or not. Her only friend pretty much is Megan.

Megan- Tends to be tomboyish and disgusting, she likes to be humorous about it. If a tiny guy like you ran into her she would use it to her advantage.

I've decided to add two more characters to the story!

Cassie- A huge nerd, she's a little awkward and anit-social, and really just wishes for a good friend. She's the smallest of the girls and wishes she was as big and powerful as girl's like Jenna and Jordan. Being insecure about her size, she might take advantage of those who happen to be smaller than her...

Laura- A total sociopath. She often shows no sympathy whatsoever for anyone. She mostly sticks to herself, staying neutral about most things. If she sees you it's not likely she'll care, she'll probably ignore you, and if you're in trouble she won't help you without a pretty good reason.

Please add good chapters with a paragraph or two and try not to just put in filler. Most importantly, enjoy the story!
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