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Experimental brain transplant surgery saves either your life, or someone very close.
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Chapter 10

Becky Nichols, a high school senior.

    by: Wassel   More by this author
Hearing the name of a senior at your school... a female senior... your brain just about locked up. Being completely knocked for six. I'm a girl? How the hell could you be a girl? It didn't make sense.

"You're... You're joking right?"

"I realize this must be a huge shock for you," Kerry replied, placing a hand gently on your shoulder, "But it's the truth. Your brain might believe itself to be Tim now, but you're not. You're Becky. You've always been Becky. Nothing can change that."

You understood what he was saying of course, that there was another Tim out there, the 'real' Tim, but that didn't make it any easier to get your head around. Still very much feeling like you were him. That you were the same 16 year old kid who'd gone to watch a football game with his family. Still remembering everything about that life. This being the complete opposite of Becky, hardly knowing anything about her at all. Other than she was a year older than you and from the brief times you'd interacted with her, seemed friendly enough. Having been far more interested instead with her small group of friends. Becky knowing some really hot babes. Amanda Palmer. Lauren Riley. Bonnie Chen. Even your current crush, Alison Lowry and her were on speaking terms. Having spotted the two of them talking from time to time. This however had led you to wonder whether or not these extremely attractive girls had an ulterior motive for their friendship. Becky being nowhere near in the same league as them. Having a pleasant enough face you supposed (which was nearly always smiling), but she was also kind of plump. Chubby even. Outweighing the rest of them by at least 50 lbs. Which in the shallow world of high school boys, made her way too overweight to even look twice at. Being known kind of unfairly as "the fat friend".

That fat friend was you now. You were now both a year older and a girl. It being this last part that threw you the most. You were a girl. You had boobs and a... and a... Fuck me, you thought, considering what now lay between your currently numb legs, This is too much!

Picking up a mirror off of a nearby table, Kerry then asked you, "Would you like to see? It might help you to accept it."

Though a part of you wanted to say "no" and pretend like this was all just some really weird dream, you couldn't not see what you looked like. Nodding then and watching as he picked it up and brought it towards you. Feeling a growing sense of trepidation as the shiny surface came closer. Even though you knew fine well what Becky looked like, there was still something hugely terrifying about actually seeing it for yourself. Seeing her face instead of what you felt should be your own.

Holy shit! you gasped as your reflection finally came into view. Finding that it was indeed her face that looked back. Not smiling this time though. Instead looking just as shocked as you were. Its real. I really am Becky! Not that she looked exactly as you remembered her. Her face looking slightly worse for ware from the surgery. Her shoulder length, dark blonde hair all matted and disheveled. Her brown eyes slightly puffy and red. Above which, one of her eyesbrows was decorated by a series of small stitches. It was utterly surreal to say the least. Aware that this girl staring back at you was you. You were Becky Nichols.

"As you can see, there really is very little sign of any external damage visible to the cranium," Dr. Kerry explained, while you continued to stare slack-jawed into the mirror. "We even managed to preserve your hair using a rather new and highly advanced, non-evasive surgery technique that I patented myself." Not that you were really listening. Being far too mesmerized by your reflection. It being the most surreal and down right disturbing sight you'd ever witnessed.

In the end though, you just had to look away. It being too freaky to deal with. Turning your attention to the next most pressing question. "So... So what happens to me now? If I'm not really Tim, what do I do... Where do I go looking like this?" Not able to imagine how your life was now going to be.

"Well, that's the thing," Kerry replied, awkwardly. "Due to the, uh... delicate nature of this procedure, as well as the various legal ramifications of you sharing the same memories and brain patterns as the real Tim Connors, we think that it'd probably be best for everyone involved if this was kept this entirely between us."

"Us?" you barked. Looking at the two doctors. "You mean, just us three?" This suggestion making no sense. "But.. But what about my parents? What about Becky's parents?" You couldn't keep all this from them.

At this point the elder doctor, Saunders stepped forward. Letting out a sigh as he rubbed at his temple. "I know this might seem tough, but given the circumstances it really is in everyone's best interest that they don't find out," he told you. Looking genuinely heartbroken about it all. "As far as your own family is concerned, Tim is fine. He's recovering well and will be discharged tomorrow. Telling them about all this, as tempting as it must seem, it... it'll be too much for them to cope with."

"Imagine them suddenly finding out they now have a copy of their own son in someone else's body," Kerry again interjected. Ramming this point home. "Or even worse, imagine the real Tim finding out. What would that do to them?"

You didn't have to imagine this however. You were living that very situation right now, only from the other side. The thought of there being another 'you' out there, a real you, being disturbing beyond belief. Knowing fine well just how much you'd freak out... How much you were already freaking out. Your parents too.

"But what about Mr. and Mrs. Nichols?" you asked. "Don't they have a right to know that their daughter's gone?" It being one thing not telling your family, they still had a Tim. What did the Nichols have?

"Possibly," was Kerry's less than definitive answer. "But again, imagine how devastating it will be for them." Adding then with a half smile, "Besides, their daughter isn't really gone if you think about it. She's still here. She's still you. She's just got a slightly different outlook on life now."

Slightly different outlook? you snorted. Hardly. Their daughter thought she was a 16 year old boy. How fucked up was that?

"Trust me, Ti..." he continued. Quickly corrected himself and calling you by your 'new' name. "Becky. It really is in everyone's best interest if nobody else knows. And if you agree, the hospital will generously compensate you for your sacrifice. You won't have to worry about money for a while once you legally come of age."

"So I'm just supposed to pretend to be Becky like nothing even happened? ...How? I don't know anything about her life, or being a girl!"

"You'll pick it up soon enough. And don't forget, a lot of that stuff is still in there somewhere. In your subconscious. I imagine that it'll just be like riding a bike. You never truly forget."

That was easy for him to say. He wasn't the one now living this nightmare. The thought of being cut off from your friends, your family, your entire life and pretend to be someone else being almost too horrible to bare. Thinking that perhaps it would have been better off had you died.

No... No. Don't say that. I'm alive at least. That's something.

"Anyway. We can't force you one way or the other," Kerry said. This being his last word on the matter. "All we can tell you is what we think would be best for everyone involved." Both him and Saunders turning then towards the door. "But for now, your parents are waiting outside. ...Mr. and Mrs. Nichols that is."

"Wuh-wuh...Wait!" you stopped them. "They're here? Now?"

"Yes. And what you tell them is entirely up to you."

Oh God... you whimpered. Not being prepared for this at all. Watching as the two doctors stepped out the door and a moment or two later a man and a woman entered. These presumably being Becky's parents.
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