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by torch
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #1976826
The entire world transforms into you!
Chapter 1


    by: torch   More by this author
It is a cool summer evening and you are walking home from a friend's house. You luckily only lived a few blocks away. Feeling your bed calling you for some rest you quicken your pace. It's a very bright night and you look up at the full moon. While you are staring up at the night sky something zooms past and crashes into the yard on the other side of the street. You cross the road and run towards crater wanting to investigate the meteorite. You had never seen one before and this would be an awesome story to tell your friends! There, lying in the dirt, was the small sphere. It gives off a slight luminescent glow as you crouch down next to it. Still curious, you reach out and pick up the baseball sized rock. Eww, gross! It wasn't a rock at all! It feels slimy and soft.

Suddenly the 'meteorite' starts to slightly vibrate and hum in your hand before it explodes into a cloud of green mist! You try to cover your face, but the damage is done. The alien spore has infected you. It quickly seeps into your bloodstream and circulates through your body touching every cell. It starts to evolve and incorporates your DNA into itself.

You leave the crater and walk home. When you get back you strip out of your disgusting clothes and throw them in the trash. You walk to the bathroom and stare at your reflection in the mirror above the sink. You looked fine and didn't feel sick. But carriers don't exhibit any symptoms. You turn off the light and head to bed.

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