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A school were boys who are naughty, get castrated and learn to live their new lives.
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Chapter 2

Mark Liam

    by: jgp1492   More by this author
When the loud speaker called out his name, Mark Liam blushed bright red as he walked out towards the open door, naked and trying his best to cover himself up. The door closed suddenly behind him as he was led into a well lit room. "Please lay down on the table". A doctor, dressed all in white said softly and Mark gingerly got onto the table, shaking in fear for what would come next.

"What are you going to do to me, Sir?" mark asked, he was a timid and naturally submissive boy and he gulped a little as the Master who followed him in began to strap his hands, feet, arms, legs and chest into the table so only his head could move. He struggled all he could as the doctor tapped a small needle with his finger and jabbed it into Mark loose hanging scrotum.

When the boy screamed at this pain, the doctor sighed and a gag was put in his mouth as the Master nodded and the doctor began to slice. The sharp blade effortlessly opened the boy's sack and within seconds the doctor was inside and tugging out his small, weak looking balls. "Never worth breeding with balls this small". The Master mocked as Mark sobbed and struggled, the pain killers hadn't even taken effect yet as the doctor snipped the cords and Mark watched as his testicles were taken away in a metal dish.

"Why do you look so upset, you're not a boy anymore, you're just livestock, a word of advice, do everything you are told from now on". The doctor said in his ear as he began to sow the boy up and made sure it was all going to heal. The Masters took Mark's limp body out from the surgery and down a dark, mucky hallway and he was placed in a small cage, like at the zoo, with a big water feeder and a small drain for the bathroom.

Mark hugged his knees and sobbed as he reached down and felt the stitches and knew it was over for him. His thoughts were overshadowed by a Master coming in and kneeling down and glaring at Mark. He quickly checked the boy and grinned "Follow me 'boy' " he mocked as Mark noticed the ceiling got so low he was forced to crawl as he followed the strapping man walking above.

Mark was being led to........
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