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A guy with a foot fetish keeps ending up at women's feet...what could be the problem?
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Chapter 2

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You don't know any of Tora's friends or family especially well. You get the impression that they disapprove of you and feel that you were never much of a boyfriend for Tora before. Her best friends - Anika, May, Charlotte and Naoko are all the same age as her: 22 years old. (All foot sizes are in US).

Tall Indian-American girl with dark skin and black hair. This girl likes to dominate and doesn't have a problem with making guys grovel at her feet! Good looking and tomboyish with long, powerful and usually sweaty feet and toes (size 8).

Petite Chinese-American girl with long, black hair. A slightly shy girl, she has a kinder heart than her other friends, though she tends to go along with the crowd fairly happily! Never had a boyfriend before. Very small, cute feet (size 3) with sexy toes.

Beautiful, smart and athletic with long, brown hair. The total package! She is a determined girl who knows what she wants! Very sexy feet (size 6) with arches and toes to die for!

Slim cute Japanese-American girl. Long, dark brown-black hair. Is into kendo training, which makes her athletic and not to be messed with! Size 5 feet, which are surprisingly soft (considering her training!) with no nail varnish.

Tora's younger, very pretty, 18 year old sister. Quite tall, slim, bright blonde hair and very tanned. She is bratty and envious of Tora, feeling as if she's always lived in her older sister's shadow. She has a best friend called Carly (see below). Size 6 feet, which are like her, attractive and well-cared for.

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