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A guy with a foot fetish keeps ending up at women's feet...what could be the problem?
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Chapter 3

Additional characters

These are more minor characters. They've only appeared in the occasional chapter and are not linked as closely to Ross or Tora as the others...

A coworker of yours who is, at present, on the same level as you. You asked her out on a date around a year ago and were pretty bluntly put down! Very cute, brunette who wears glasses and has size 5 feet.

An attractive new intern at work. Dresses seriously at work but gives the impression that she likes to have fun out of it! Early 20s with long dark hair, which she keeps in a ponytail. She also wears glasses. She may well meet Ross at work, or elsewhere! Cute, size 3 feet.

One of Anika's friends - her neighbour. Very hot, Latino girl, 28 years old with medium length black hair. Average height. She's an artist and is especially into creating works based around erotica! Gorgeous feet, with jewellery often adorning several toes. Size 4.

Tall, black woman who runs a place called 'The Foot Dungeon'. She knows none of the characters but could interact with them at some point... Powerful and formidable-looking; long, elegant size 9 feet.

Stunning brunette who is a Senior Manager at Tora's workplace. Ambitious and controlling, she knows how to bend men to her will! Cute, sexy toes and gorgeous arches. Size 4 feet.

Blonde curly hair, rather vapid and absolutely gorgeous friend of Amy's. Size 5 feet.

Punk girl with long, messy yet stylised orange hair. Looks for unsuspecting victims to mug. No connection to any other characters, other than her friend Lexi that she hangs around with. Unwashed, yet pretty, size 6 feet.

Punk friend of Ivy's with pink spiky hair. Tends to be the sidekick of the two. Also pretty but grimy feet, size 3.

Tough yet attractive Costa Rican-born policewoman. Kind nature but does not deal with dishonesty well! No specific connection to any other characters. Size 5 feet.
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