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A guy with a foot fetish keeps ending up at women's feet...what could be the problem?
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Chapter 3


Here are the rest of the 'Other Characters'. They all link to you or Tora in some way - or one of Tora's friends/someone she knows.

Your older step sister. You haven't seen her for about 9 years! She lived with you when her Mom was in a relationship from as early as you can remember up until you were a teenager. She is 30 years old and is attractive, with long wavy chestnut brown hair. When you were younger she would tease you but did help you out when you needed her to. Fairly long feet (size 7), which are always funky-smelling!

One of Karen's closest friends, also 30 years old. You haven't seen her for longer than you have your sister. Blonde, large and unattractive. Like Karen, she always used to tease you when you were younger. Wide, unattractive feet, which are not very well-cared for and rather pungent! Size 9.

Vicky/Miss Cox
Gorgeous, blonde former high school teacher of yours who happens to be Becky's older sister! Mid 30s now. You used to have a massive crush on her! Pretty long feet (size 7) but unlike her sister, well moisturised and cared-for!

Beth's best friend. Not as bratty as Beth, Carly has a slightly sweeter disposition. She has dirty blonde hair and like Beth is 18, very pretty, tanned, but not as tall. She has a secret foot fetish of her own, which may come up depending on her interactions with Ross! Size 5 feet, which are always fragrant and well-looked after.

An extremely attractive eighteen year old French girl who is a school rival of Beth's. She has light blonde hair, pale skin and is very elegant and glamorous. Her Dad is very wealthy and happens to be Tora's boss! She is quite privileged and snooty in her attitude. Gorgeous feet, usually vanilla-scented and adorned with white nail varnish, size 4.

The tough, twenty-something, redheaded female chauffeur of Valèrie. She absolutely loathes the spoiled French girl, but works for her because the money is pretty good. As an ex convict, she would find it hard getting work anywhere else! A little butch yet attractive, this is a definitely a woman who would enjoy inflicting pain and humiliation on a guy like Ross! Size 8 feet, with a strong, musty odour and taste!

This attractive blonde is a smart, sophisticated psychologist and a friend of Riley's, strange as the latter may sound! She is typically curious of peoples' behaviour and relationship choices, a consequence of her profession. She is in her late twenties and has long, thin soles, which are size 9 and very well-cared for.

One of Charlotte's friends. This 25 year old is incredibly pretty with red hair and striking emerald green eyes. Amy absolutely loves to dominate guys, but not in a malicious way. The idea of a guy being submissive to her really turns her on! Flawless, sexy feet and toes, usually with red nail varnish. Size 5.

An ex girlfriend, who you went out with in between seeing Tora when you were sixteen. Usually wears a hood, red hair, doesn't socialise much and still holds a grudge against you for what happened six years ago! Sweaty feet, and toes, since she does not bother to wash very often! Size 5. Same age as you.

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