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  1. Looking back...
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In the near future, aliens have transformed Planet Earth into “FemFoot World”!
Chapter 1

Looking back...

Three months have passed since the meeting with the Keryxian, which changed planet Earth irrevocably, forever. The newspaper article, kept from that momentous day, has proven to be a significantly historical document. By now the words are fairly familiar...

11th December 2084

A Brave New World?

Article written by Kayleigh Simmonds

This is, without a doubt, a day that no human will ever forget. Nothing will ever compare to the abject misery and brutal treatment that we were subjected to, as an entire planet, earlier today.

President Joseph Harding could barely contain his excitement, when a week ago he announced that NSEP (New Space Exploration Program) had managed to make contact with life forms on another planet. And not just freaky monsters, or raging lunatics! After speaking on the projection system with a “spokescreature” from said planet, he was delighted to inform the eager media, including myself, that she was “utterly beautiful, charming, intelligent and completely fluent in English, and apparently – every language on Earth!”

A media frenzy inevitably followed this; bold predictions were made that Earth had finally made a breakthrough that would change our future forever. Well, they were certainly right about that. Ignoring the sceptics and warnings from various experts and regular citizens alike, President Harding organised a meeting, via the projection system with the aliens, who he revealed were known as the “Keryxian”, and invited all of the other major world leaders, who were suitably honoured and eager to attend such a groundbreaking event. It was made crystal clear to the media that no delegates from any newspaper, tv channel, blog, journal or any form of communication would need to be present; instead the event would be televised live to every tv station in every country in the entire world!

At first, everyone seemed to be genuinely thrilled and beguiled by the spokescreature that President Harding conversed with, just hours ago – watched by billions around the world. As promised, she was undoubtedly the most beautiful creature ever seen (by any human at least): utterly flawless bone structure and complexion, startlingly intense eyes, a luscious wave of golden hair, all on top of a light purple, almost violet covered skin. However, the next thing that happened – something strange and unexpected – that all those still alive are still in understandable shock about, and will be for quite some time.

After exchanging pleasantries, President Harding was happy for the Keryxian spokescreature to express some sentiments to all of the Earth viewers. Bizzarely, she lifted up both of her long legs to reveal her feet to the screen. Two bare soles that were simply flawless and divine to gaze upon. Smiling at the screen, in a high-pitched yet soothing voice, she spoke the following words:

“Humans: your life is about to change. Forever; for the better. Most of you males have already crumbled to dust and ash. You were unworthy. A few of you have been spared, as you appreciate the female foot sufficiently. Females: you will control every aspect of your planet, which is now called “FemFoot World”. Males that are still alive: your role is to be nothing more than slaves and to honour every female foot, which is the greatest blessing you will ever aspire to achieve.”

These words reverberated around mine, and countless others' minds while we watched, shell-shocked, as the spokescreature vanished. President Harding was shown looking catatonic for several seconds, while several screams and shrieks could be heard, before the cameras were turned off and the screen went blank...
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