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In the near future, aliens have transformed Planet Earth into “FemFoot World”!
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Chapter 2


Since then, a huge flurry of activity has broken out, not just in this newspaper station, but across the entire world. Women have scoured the streets for their husbands, sons, fathers, friends, loved ones - now lost ones: nothing more than dust and ash, as was promised. The surviving men, from what I gather have either been blamed for their fetish, or secretly kept hidden, in case they are to be captured or punished in some way. President Harding issued a statement, simply stating: “Heartache and pain is echoed throughout the entire world. This is not only a tragic, but confusing situation. I urge all the American people to stay united and not give in to any fears or demands that are thrown their way.”

Who knows what will happen next? The only thing that is for certain is that nothing is for certain in this brave, new world.

Looking at the name of the journalist – Kayleigh Simmonds – she was one of the women rounded up and imprisoned for being a “rebel”. This was of course after the Keryxian issued one more set of instructions – approximately a day later. These were as follows:

• Any living male must be shown the Soles Of Enlightenment – looking at any image or video clip of the Keryxian spokescreature’s bare soles for a mere few seconds would either reduce him to dust, or allow him to live.

• If the male is allowed to live, he must be enslaved. As a creature with “sufficient Femfoot appreciation”, he may serve female feet but nothing else.

• If a female wishes to procreate, then she can obtain a sperm sample from a male of her choosing. Newborn females will be raised to follow the Femfoot principles. Newborn males will sent to Enslavement Education. If by the age of 18, they survive the Soles of Enlightenment, then they can be used as a slave.

• Any female caught treating a male as anything other than a foot slave, or rejecting any of the Femfoot principles will be exterminated immediately.

In addition to that, the Keryxian spokescreature explained that from this point forward, FemFoot World would be controlled and run by human females, and monitored by the Keryxian. If after a year, the women have failed to successfully meet the criteria given to them, then the entire planet will be destroyed and human existence will be over, permanently.

Of course many rebelled against these principles and they were dealt with harshly, swiftly. The human population had been approximately 11 billion before the Keryxian meeting. With the extermination of the non-foot-fetish males, it initially dropped to just over 5 and a half billion. After the rebellions from the surviving females ended, the population was left at just 150 million. A HUGE proportion were wiped out from the resistance to the Keryxian, which lasted just over a week, and resulted in such a massive loss of life, that the leaders from the survivors agreed that they would have to comply with the Keryxian demands. From there, those resisting the Keryxian rule, or who refused to swear fealty to the aliens were quickly wiped out too. Entire towns and cities were destroyed instantly, until the survivors gave their full and total surrender: some allowed to join the new FemFoot World at its capital in Nevada, America. Others, who had spoken out against the Keryxian were publicly executed, swiftly. The population of the current FemFoot World was set at approximately 7 million, approximately 1 million of which were male slaves.
More detail of that here  

Most of the surviving men capitulated willingly or were forced into foot slavery. There were however a number of men who were still alive and have avoided foot slavery somehow.

No one knew a great deal about the Keryxian, other than the fact that they were determined to successfully turn Earth into FemFoot World, were utterly ruthless and had far better technology, weapons etc than humans, and were beautiful but deadly.

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