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In the near future, aliens have transformed Planet Earth into “FemFoot World”!
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Chapter 2

More information

As this story has the option of being written from multiple characters' perspectives, here is some general information, which will hopefully be useful.

In the year 2084, the human race has become more peaceful. Negotiations between countries have helped to resolve conflict. Different stances from superpowers, such as the United States of America have been adopted to encourage a more selfless world culture. Essentially, there have been no nuclear wars and the population has continued to swell - from an approximate 6 billion in 2014, to 11 billion - nearly double - by 2084!

Earth's resources have become scarcer, which is why the NSEP (New Space Exploration Program) was set up by major world leaders in 2077. Having explored all of the Solar System, but failing to successfully initiate growth or life on any planets - including Mars - it was agreed that venturing elsewhere was of paramount importance. Using the latest technology, it has taken seven years of constant, exhaustive work to make contact with a species - an actual living species - outside of our Solar System!

President Joseph Harding was instrumental in passing the necessary bills and agreements amongst the United Nations to open up dialogue with the aliens. Miraculously, they seemed to be friendly, peaceful...and enchantingly beautiful! Perhaps foolishly, the major world leaders all quickly agreed to engage in further dialogue, thrilled at the fact that the alien - known as 'Keryxian' could adapt to any language on Earth. Their other abilities they were modest about. But there were some clear truths: that they did not want to attack Earth, that they wanted to form an allegiance and help Planet Earth gain the resources that had been exhausted in their supply on Earth.

So with all of that, it was logical to allow the 'Spokescreature' to speak to the entire human population of Planet Earth. The idea of a live feed, transmitted to every country's tv stations and channels, as well as accessed on phones, devices and any other technological means, was a tremendously exciting one. Joseph Harding lapped up the praise and attention that he received, and had the honour to introduce the Keryxian - the first ever create of intelligent life to Planet Earth. How could he know what a disastrous mistake that would be!

The Keryxian, from what we know, live on a FemFoot planet called Keryxia. They have evolved to have the males as nothing more than slaves, specifically foot slaves. The females are strong, powerful and dominant, while the males are weak, emaciated and submissive. For hundreds of years now, it has been totally natural and normal for a male Keryxian to live for nothing but to serve the feet of his superiors - the females of this alien race. It seems to be that the Keryxian have been looking for another planet to force their doctrine of 'males = foot slaves' upon.

So, when the Spokescreature showed her bare soles to the cameras, she knew that it would do the following:

• Reduce any males without a foot fetish to dust.

• Allow males with a foot fetish to live.

• Instigate civil war, knowing that the human population would not just accept their country to follow 'FemFoot' principles, as dictated by the aliens in Keryxia

They were spot on with all three. To see billions of men killed instantly, and to be betrayed by the Keryxians like this, there was an immediate backlash. Women from all countries and nations around the world, still in shock, were at odds with what to do. Attack the Keryxians somehow? Try to restore some sense of order? Create new governments? Unfortunately, there were various groups - some of them pro-feminist, others simply out to create chaos, such as terrorist groups, who welcomed the change! There was one particular staunch supporters group, quickly named the 'Keryxian Freedom Group', who spread their hateful message on every internet and communication channel that they could - that the Keryxians had done Earth a favour! That now, with women in control, the Earth could be a more prosperous place!

The men who survived the SoE (Soles of Enlightenment) were either because they had a foot fetish, or that they simply did not see the SoE at all. All women survived the SoE - foot fetish or not! With the image of the SoE sent around on social media, displayed on advertising screens, posters, billboards by the pro-Keryxian groups whittled down the non-foot fetish male (NFFM) population down to supposedly none. Not that simple though - it is known that some have managed to avoid, rather miraculously.

All of women who did not support the Keryxian doctrine, which was the majority, went to civil war with the various groups, such as the KFG. Many were killed, through acts of terrorism, chemical warfare... the Keryxians themselves stayed silent while this played out over several months. Eventually, the pro-Keryxian groups won. Men were divided in who to support: some foot fetish males (FFM) welcomed the Keryxian's barbaric act, feeling appreciated and proud of being allowed to live, thanks to their fetish!
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