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A strange ray gun causes women to grow muscle...
Chapter 1

It begins...

    by: fruiteanfort   More by this author
Amanda is a cute, petite 17 year old girl. She makes good grades, and is friends with a lot of people.

One day, while she is walking home from school, she notices a strange-looking gun lying on the ground. It's colored lime green, so she knows it's not a real gun, but it also has a few switches on either side of it.

On one side, it has "Muscle Growth/Shrink," and on the other, it has "Height Growth/Shrink."

The gun intrigues Amanda and she quickly slips the gun into her backpack and heads home.

When she gets home, she goes up to her room and immediately pulls the gun out.

She has always dreamed of becoming taller and, from time to time, of also growing muscle. But she's not sure if she should use the gun, because she doesn't know if it's safe.

What does Amanda do?
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