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Adventures with a reality altering remote. Point rewards! 1,500 to 7,500. Check details.
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Chapter #38

Allison gets waylaid in the hall.

    by: Terranvoid
The students are finally dismissed from the auditorium and Allison smiles, walking out into the hallway, imagining what the school is going to be like the next time she cums.

As Allison goes to her next class, the last one before lunch, she gasps as a girl pulls up against her, forcing her into the wall as she kisses her deeply, her fingers dancing over the head of Allison's flaccid cock for a moment. Allison squeaks, then gasps before melting into the kiss as Cynthia, the gorgeous, blond haired, blue eyed head bitch and head cheerleader of the school.

“Ohh, Allison. Sexy,” Cynthia says in a low, seductive voice, “When are you going to let some lucky girl become your cock? You've been holding out for so long.”

Allison is speechless for a moment. Not only is Cynthia practically molesting her, she's saying the girls in school are basically jockeying to be the person who becomes her cock?! No way.

“W-wha? And you think i-it should be you?” Allison stammers, making Cynthia grin as she caresses Allison's sheath. “Oh, yes, girl. I'll take whatever form you want too. Full cock, keeping my upper body, and my sexy breasts. Not to mention you'll get my allowance and my inheritance,” the rich bitch's voice dripping with desire. “Of course, anyone would be happy becoming some other part of you as well, but your cock is the grand prize.”

Allison can't help the foolish grin that crosses her lips. She's the practically the queen of the school now! Oh, this is too good to be true. She can even do whatever she wants to Cynthia, even without the remote.
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