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Chapter 12

Lucy begins to grow again

    by: PrincessKooh   More by this author
Tempers continued and now
the rest of the folks from before!

Police, Lucy’s mom etc had arrived
having had second thoughts about
letting the hot head go it alone.
Now they found Tom in the vice
that was his step daughter’s hand.

“Listen here you little overgrown
runty bitch if you don’t let me go
and listen to me right fucking now
I swear to god I will give you and
your no good mother the worst
beatings of your lives once I’m free”

Lucy like Tom was reaching her


Suddenly a familiar feeling returns
and her body seemed determined
to make the point for her.
1st a brief trembling then a
repeat of past performances.

1st the 80 foot girl jolted up to 100 foot.
Next 130 then finally 160.
It was different yet similar to before but
Lucy didn’t care.

If anything this helped her fury still
in her eyes.
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