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Chapter 12

Lucy still tries to act tough

    by: PrincessKooh   More by this author
Lucy considered replying when
Tom lost his patience.

“This isn’t a waiting contest or up
for debate you useless ungrateful
little bitch. You want me to be the
bad guy then fine”

People were about to question what
he meant when he took out
2 guns and fired 2 shots at
Lucy 1 in each leg.


Even at her 30 foot size it did damage and

Everyone was shocked!

“Now you listen good you useless
little shit I’m the law around here!
I’m your father!
I’m a police chief!
I’m an adult and you are a waste of
space but still a bitches daughter and
mine so I’ll tell you one last time
get your damn little ass up and
obey me or else”

Lucy was hurt but angry.
She stood up!


“Wrong answer”

another shot in the leg

“You want the hard way fine”

- bang -
A shot to the left shoulder.

Suddenly Lucy felt a familiar feeling.

Shockingly her gun wounds healed in
seconds then she shivered and
Jolted from 30 feet tall to 60

-bang bang -
Another new shot to each leg that
healed in seconds
then Lucy jolted up to 90 feet tall

— bang bang -
He tried again but this time they did
less damage.

Lucy had stopped growing and now…
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