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Chapter 24

Big girls can cry

    by: Thomas Regel   More by this author
The world was devastated at the feet of the gargantuan kid, literally. She towered over 600 miles - that was comparable with the entire Grand Canyon, in length! Her head was beyond the Thermosphere, she was able to see the curvature of the entire planet. As she moved her legs ever slightly, her gargantuan toe, which was able to smash a city into a pile of dust, sank so deep into the ground that it penetrated the thin layer of the planet, and hot magma bulged out. Of course she didn't experienced it as pain - it was more like a slight heat, thanks to her thick skin.

"I AM... TOO BIG..." she said, and started to sob, creating tear drops that smashed to the ground like bombs. Luckily none of them landed on a crowded area, but still - they were the second most destructive things next to her footprints.

People looked at each other, and wondering what to do know, where to go. There was no place on Earth that was able to provide them safety. Her body was so big and so strong she was able to dig up any mountain she would like.

She sat down, creating an earthquake that broke every record, and started crying, giving birth to a new river. Her legs stretched across the countries, and her soles were like massive mountains on another continent.

Unfortunately, she destroyed multiple nuclear power plants as well - the massive amount of energy, combined with the multiple sources of growth ray, triggered another series of spurts in her. The already titan sized kid started to grow once again. Her skin stretched over the habitats. Villages, towns, cities vanished under a calf, forests and crop lands disappeared under a thigh, and her arse sank deeper and deeper into the magma pool she just created...

"OH NOOOOO...!" she cried more as she ascended to 800 miles... 1000 miles... 1500 miles...
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