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A shrinking interactive with HP and Hunger Bar. Can you survive this giantess adventure?

A shrinking interactive with HP and Hunger Bar. Can you survive this giantess adventure?

This is an interactive story containing 20 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
So I recently made an interactive and a couple of people already made some chapters for it. Thanks for that. But I started thinking. The other interactives have been around for ages and starting a new one up is insane, unless you have a specific subject. But how can I bring new life into the interactive genre?

Maybe by making it look more like a game…

A First Day’s Guide To Being Shrunk


Either by intent or bad karma you have become the size of a bug. This guide will teach you how to survive in a dangerous world full of giant people, animals and randomly falling chairs.


Let’s start off with your stats. Your stats will be displayed on the top of a chapter and on the end. On the top will your stats from before the event in the chapter. While the stats at the end will show you the impact of the events that happened in the chapter.

Health: 100% Hunger: 100% Status: Clean Injury: None

There is a slight chance you’ll get hurt. You will probably die instantly but if you don’t. You’re in luck, that means you only lost a percentage of your health. Your health is displayed in red and shows how close to permanent death you are. You will survive until this health bar show a painful zero.

Hunger and dehydration are a dangerous thing you need to eat and drink in order to survive. Just like health, if this depletes you are dead my friend. So scavenge for food as much as possible. Eating once will restore the entire percentage.

There are two types of people in this world “clean” ones and “Dirty” ones. Some situations might drench you in unwanted fluids or dirt. It is best to get yourself washed up out of self respect.

In case a really bad accident happens you might lose an arm or break a few bones. This will of course cripple you and make your survival that much harder. Your handicap(s) will be displayed in this section and can be anything the universe throws at you. There is no way to recover from injuries as there is no bug doctor, so be careful.

Some more tips
Don’t jump in shoes, Don’t look for food inside food and try to get one of the regular sized people to help you. This increases your chances by a billion. Unless everyone around you is a psychopath. Good luck, we’ll be seeing you soon in bug heaven!

Rules for writers
- Have a stats bar at the beginning and at the end (If you mess up the look don’t worry I can fix that)
- When the player gets injured notify it after the sentence that does like (Damage 20%)
- Hunger goes -2% every hour, -48% every day. You can just say the player spend 12 hours somewhere and then you just remove 24% on the stat bar.
- The player can only decide his own actions do add options that decide what a girl will do or what happens.
- Type in present time, Not like-> then you… She looked down. But like -> now you… She looks down.
- No male giants, other than that anything goes.

}If you'll add a chapter just copy and edit this code:

{b}{c:red}Health: 100%{/c} {c:orange}Hunger: 100%{/c} {c:blue}Status: Clean{/c} {c:plum}Injury: None{/c}{/b}

I should've giving you guys this code when I first made the story, I'm sorry for the confusion...
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